When Chrissy Is "Not Strong Enough Anymore", You Know We Have A Problem

chrissy teigen

Chrissy says bye to the haters

Chrissy Teigen has long been know for her intelligent and witty banter on Twitter. Heck, it's a strong factor in why she's so famous - she SLAYS social media. Personally, I head over to her Twitter account on a regular basis to ensure I haven't missed any of her humorous thoughts.

Recently, however, Chrissy put her account on private. When asked about it, she replied that she is "not strong enough anymore."

Twitter.com / @chrissyteigen
Twitter.com / @ChrissyTeigen

Chrissy is not the first celebrity to comment on how difficult being in the spotlight with social media can be. Earlier this summer Justin Bieber shut down his Instagram account after fans would not stop insulting his alleged girlfriend Sofia Richie. Demi Lovato has had a highly documented on again/ off again relationship with her social media. Emma Stone left Twitter in 2003 and has never returned.

It is always very easy to glamorize being a celebrity - but how often do you consider how tedious, controlling, and even scary it can be?

Chrissy is one of the celebrities that I have always thought of as having an iron spine - someone who is so open to speaking her mind and stating her opinion. For her to back away from Twitter truly makes me wonder just how horrible her mentions section must have been.

The internet has long been a dangerous place that breeds hate and negativity. Sometimes it can feel so easy to make fun of someone from behind a screen.

This situation is yet just another reminder to be kind to the people around you. Whether your friends in real life or the celebrities that you watch on the big screen, no one deserves to be so constantly bombarded with hate and negativity that they "cannot handle it anymore".

Chrissy, girl, we have your back and we support you. Keep on doing you, you're loved for it!