Two Truths And A Lie About Being In A Sorority

"It's not just four years, it's for life"

My parents love to tell anyone who will listen about how shocked they were when I joined a sorority. Seriously, they say they never saw it coming. To be honest with you, I really didn't either. It was something I kind of just drifted into my freshman year, not having any idea how much it would end up shaping my life.

There are a lot of misconceptions about being in a sorority. What you see in the media isn't always what you see in real life. So here are my two truths and a lie about being a sorority girl:

  1. I became the leader that I am today through my sorority
  2. Most of my social interactions in college were through my sorority
  3. All of my best friends from college are from my sorority

TRUTH: I became the leader that I am today through my sorority

No question. When I joined my chapter freshman year, I had no idea how much it would open my eyes to leadership experiences. I started getting involved because I had so many role models to look up to.

My friends in my chapter were all extremely involved in activities such as student government, different on-campus charities, and many other internships and leadership organizations. My sophomore year alone I held three different internships and was involved in five different student groups, all because I felt as if I had something to live up to.

Upon graduation, I had held six different leadership roles directly related to my sorority. I had had the opportunity to interact with other women who were all driven and motivated. I had obtained most of my jobs and internships through my sorority sisters. The connections and leadership experiences I was offered through Greek Life is something that I am certain I would not have been able to find anywhere else.

TRUTH: Most of my social interactions in college were through my sorority

Now, while I am able to tell you that most of my leadership experiences were through my sorority, I will also have to admit that most of my social interaction was through my sorority as well. There are a few different layers to this, and I will absolutely say that this was my personal experience at my school, and will not ring true everywhere.

After joining a sorority, I saw little reason to search for social interaction elsewhere. We were constantly having events with fraternities and other sororities, there were homecoming competitions and parities every weekend: what else did I need?

Now I will not say that this was bad. Honestly, for many people, it is a quick and easy way to make friends and have a social life in college. That being said, it is potentially limiting in the fact that it can be difficult to motivate yourself to branch out. I definitely feel as if for the first couple of years of college, I limited myself to the people and friends I had through Greek Life.

On top of this... YES. Sororities and fraternities are social organizations. Do I think I partied more than my non-Greek friends? Absolutely not. It's just different. Did I go to more themed events? Did I attend more formal events? Yes. No question.

LIE: All of my best friends from college are from my sorority

I will say that many of my friends from college were in Greek Life. Was I best friends with every single girl in my chapter, though? Absolutely not. For starters, it's impossible to have 150 best friends. Also, just like any group of 150 different people... we weren't all compatible. There were members that I got along with extremely well, there were others whom I couldn't stand; There were girls who were just like me, and there were girls who were in all ways my opposite.

Being in a sorority didn't give me one hundred best friends like some people claim it might. However, it did give me an unyielding support group, a handful of best friends, and invaluable college memories.

Not everything you hear in the media about sororities is true, but not all of it is entirely false either. I became a leader, had a social life, and found friends through my organization. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

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