This Couple Is The Best #RelationshipGoals I Have Ever Freaking Seen

Metro / Paige Barile

Um, will you plz adopt me?

Let's be real, if you know me at all, you probably know that anything with buffalo sauce is the literal way to my heart. Buy me bdubs and I will follow you around like a puppy.

So, it's absolutely no surprise that I'm already in love with this perfect, ideal couple from Indiana.

These two know what true love is. That's why THEY BOTH SURPRISED EACH OTHER ON THE SAME NIGHT WITH BUFFALO WINGS. Yep, you heard me right. They are perfect.

And people LOVED it.

Paige told Metro, "We just missed each other at the same BDUBS's (out of the three in our area) by 15 minutes and he showed up with the food right after I got home and set the TV trays up to watch our favorite show. And since we both know each other's orders, we literally had double of our favorites!"

Now that is true love if I've ever seen it.

If you're accepting applications for a third wheel, please sign me up!

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