The Definitive Guide To Dating A Girl From The Midwest

Because the Midwest does it best!

1. Let's get it out there right away... tractor jokes are a big no-no.

Sure, there are tractors in the midwest. And I would be lying to you if I said I hadn't driven one before. However, we do know how to drive real cars too! So after one tractor joke, you best be cutting out the farmer comparisons.

2. Although... we have probably gone cow tipping before...

Or hunting or fishing or mudding or some other media portrayed "redneck" activity. But come on! We've got to stay entertained somehow.

3. So yeah, we are adventurous.

Growing up in the land of fields and lakes with endless opportunities for shenanigans, girls learn to run wild with the boys. We are always looking for the next exciting adventure and if you can't handle our spontaneity, we might as well say goodbye now!

4. We eat food other than corn.

But sir, if you bake us a hot dish we will melt in your arms!

5. We are tougher than you. Deal with it.

Have you ever experienced -25 degree weather? Well we have. Every. day. of winter. So don't go trying to act all tough around us. We'll see right through it.

6. We call it "pop". Not "soda". If you laugh, the date ends.

This is a non negotiable. We like the word "pop". We aren't going to stop using it.

7. We are low maintenance.

Growing up in the Midwest teaches girls that there are a lot of things more important than having your hair perfectly curled or a pedicure every other week. That being said, don't mistake this for us not enjoying being pampered every once and awhile! Treat your Midwest girl like a queen- she'll appreciate it to no end!

8. We DO have an accent and surprisingly, we don't appreciate it being made fun of.

News flash: YOU have an accent too. Everyone does! And yet, people always seem to be surprised when they hear us say the word "bag". And then they proceed to make fun of us. And who wants that? Yes we speak a little differently. But it's what makes us so adorable.

9. You're going to meet my family by the third date.

NO. It does not necessarily mean I'm trying to marry you. But my family is as integral to who I am as the hair on my head. So don't freak out when I mention this. I'm not trying to get serious. To me, it just seems natural.

10. We value chivalry and morals.

We were raised by some of the best humans in the country. We were taught values from a young age and we appreciate them in others! So if your values don't match up with ours, it might be time to say goodbye.

11. Us midwesterners are bred to be hard working.

We don't give up on ANYTHING and we put our all into everything we do. So once we are into you, we are in it for the long haul. We don't need you to share our enthusiasm, but we do need someone who can match our work ethic. Lazy boys, please step aside.

12. We ARE Midwest nice.

We are nice to everyone and we value that in a partner, as well. So if you don't use your "pleases" and "thank yous" and if you don't treat the waiter with just as much respect as you treat your mom... we're going to have a problem.

13. That being said... we CAN be a little passive aggressive.

Being raised in the Midwest, we are often taught to be non-confrontational. So if we politely mention something that is bothering us once, it's probably a bigger deal in our heads than we are letting on. So put on your listening ears and PAY ATTENTION. Or else you're about to be single and not even see it coming.

14. We are trusting.

We're gonna guess that three out of every five Midwestern households sleep with their door unlocked. We trust the people around us and we are more likely to trust a guy than most other girls. So PLEASE do not take advantage of this.

15. Just because we're nice and trusting it doesn't mean we don't have some fight in us.

Because hey, we were raised to be tough. If you do anything to hurt us, don't think we are going to be just watching silently from afar. Our daddies taught us better than that!

16. We just want to be loved.

Growing up in a loving and supportive community shaped who we are. So we're just looking for people to love us and treat us well. Dating a Midwestern girl isn't very hard... and once you've got her, you've got her for good!

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