24 Cooking Tips To Make Sure Chocolate Is Part of Every Meal

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Sneaky ways to add chocolate to every part of your day!

1. Start your day right with a hot chocolate breakfast smoothie!


You can see the full toasty recipe for this delicious morning starter here.

2. Put some chocolate chips in your morning muffins


Mmmmmm delicious - any only 170 calories! Click here for the full recipe.

3. A healthy make-it-yourself version of a frappachinno? Perfect way to start the day!


This delicious espresso drink is sure to jolt you into a great mood every morning! You can see all of the healthy ingredients (seriously - you'd be surprised!) and the instructions right here.

4. Yummy chocolate breakfast oatmeal cups


You cook these once and then store them in the fridge until you're ready to grab on the go. So easy and tasty! Click here for the full instructions!

5. Add a little chocolate to your grilled cheese


This recipe is for a strawberry brie grilled cheese sandwich with or without chocolate... but why WOULDN'T you add chocolate, am I right? You can see the full recipe here!


This caramelized peach, mascarpone, and dark chocolate grilled cheese is perfect for those days when you're really craving some chocolate. Click here for the full recipe!


This strawberry rhubarb grilled cheese would not be complete with a chocolate ganache dipping sauce. Yum! You can get the full recipe here.

6. Chocolate cake batter protein shake


This protein shake is healthy and delicious - perfect for a post workout pick-me-up! Click here to get the full delicious recipe!

7. Vegetables and chocolate? Don't mind if we do!


This chocolate zucchini bread is a delicious way to sneak some vegetables into your diet. Click here to see the recipe!

8. Healthy little afternoon bite dipped in chocolate


Another delicious chocolatey snack. Get the full recipe here.

9. Need some energy in the form of a chocolatey afternoon pick-me-up? Search no further!


These tasty yet healthy energy balls will be your new favorite afternoon snack - we promise you that! Click here to see the full recipe!

10. Add some cocoa powder to your salsa!


Mixing chocolate with chipotle flavors? Sign me up! Click here to learn how to make this yummy snack.

11. Adding chocolate and coconut to black bean chili? GENIUS.


If you're into flavor combinations like we are, you need to try this recipe! YUUMMMMMM.

12. Chocolate Beer Chipotle Barbecue Sauce


Okay, I don't know about you... but that title literally contained five of our favorite things (yes, sauce is so dope). I know what we'll be cooking at the next barbecue we go to! You can see the full recipe here.

13. Add a little cocoa powder to your short rib chili


This chili has got it all - beans, short ribs, bell peppers and chocolate... what more could you ask for? See the full recipe here!

14. Spicy Tomato and Chocolate Soup


I don't know about you, but whenever we're feeling a little down, tomato soup is a for sure sure way to cheer us right up. Who knew you could add chocolate to that tomatoey goodness and make it truly a one stop shop towards happiness?! Click here to see the full instructions!

15. Pasta with chocolate? Read on before you grimace in disgust... it's actually pretty amazing.


This recipe adds some chopped dark chocolate to the marinara sauce. It's subtle and rounds out the tomato taste while not overpowering the pasta. An excuse to eat chocolate with our other favorite food? Trust us you'll be trying this one out tonight!

16. Full on chocolate pasta... I repeat FULL ON CHOCOLATE PASTA



17. More cocoa powder deliciousness... in the form of eggplant carponata crostini!


Well, Martha Stewart has done it again! This recipe is sure to have all of your dinner guests swooning!

18. Traditional Mole Sauce


Okay... this is a traditional Mexican sauce that contains chocolate, cinnamon, peppers, and about 20 other delicious ingredients. The author of the recipe admits it's time consuming, but totally worth the effort! Click here to learn how to make your own Mole Sauce!

19. Chocolate on salads? I've found my happy place.


Mozzarella strawberry salad with chocolate vinaigrette... YUM. See the full recipe here.


Spinach salad with mangos, dried cranberries, and chocolate vinaigrette... this is a healthy sweet tooth's heaven! Click here to see the recipe!


Tangerine, chocolate, and vanilla salad... perfection on a plate. See the recipe here!

20. Another easy way to slip some more chocolate into your life? Add some to your drink!


Who doesn't love a chocolatini? Just mix some Bailey's with some vodka and chocolate liqueur, and you'll be one happy martini sipper!

21. Chocolate tacos...


Okay, growing up Choco Tacos were our FAVORITE ice cream treat. Even as adults we've been tempted to buy them every time we're in a gas station. This homemade version is the perfect alternative! Click here to find out how to make your own!

22. Chocolate pizza...


Okay, it's supposed to be dessert pizza... but don't judge us for eating it as our main course meal? You can see this full yummy recipe right here!

23. Chocolate mug cake in one minute? Yes please!


This is speedy - for those moments when you need some chocolate STAT.

24. And last but not least, a handful of our favorite chocolate desserts...

It just takes a short pinterest search to find thousands of chocolate dessert recipes. So we picked out just a few to end this list with your mouths watering!


Three ingredient chocolate mousse... click here to see how easy this is to make!


Need some molten chocolate lava cake in your life? Who doesn't! Click here for the recipe!


I'm a sucker for cream cheese frosting.. so add some chocolate into it, and I'm sold! Check out this full brownie recipe here.

25. And there you have it. Now go off in the direction of your chocolatey heaven!


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