16 Ways To Tell If You're Actually A True Chicago Girl



1. There's A Whole Lot More To Chicago Than Deep Dish Pizza...

But hey, that being said... you don't mind a first date at Giordanos.

2. Do Not Call It The Willis Tower

It's the Sears Tower. THE SEARS TOWER.

3. The Bean Is Basically The Most Overrated Thing In Chicago

PLUS it is called Cloud Gate. But either way, let's move on, shall we?!

4. You Know It's Not Called The Windy City Because Of The Weather

Goes a lot deeper than that, my friends.

5. You Define Yourself Based On What Neighborhood You're From

Because really that IS all that matters!

6. The "L" Is A Love/ Hate Relationship

Thank god it's there but YOU try carrying groceries, your purse, and balancing in heels during the busy hours.

7. School Isn't Cancelled For A Little Snow...

Or a lot of snow. Up here in Chicago, we can pretty much handle anything!

8. Ketchup Doesn't Belong On A Hot Dog


9. St. Paddy's Day Is The Number One Day Of The Year

I mean... come on. They die the lake green for Christ's sake!

10. Chicago HAS Beaches

YEAH just cuz it's not an OCEAN does not mean it's not a real BEACH. Got it??

11. To You, The Bulls Are The SHIT

I mean, even Beyonce approves!

12. You LOVE The Bears

13. And HATE The Packers

14. And The Blackhawks Are Pretty Damn Great Too

15. But Let's Be Real. Three Words: GO CUBS GO!!


16. In The End, No Matter What... Chicago Knows How To Party!

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