Quiz: How Many Christian Words Do You Actually Know?

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Let's see how many Jesus words you REALLY know.

Quiz/ test about religious words for Christians. Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, Baptist, and more! Words about Jesus and the Bible.

 Aug 12, 2016
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If you are headed to a "baptism", what are you about to witness?
A gathering to honor a deceased family member
The entry rite into a Christian church
A religious sacrament involving a sacrifice of an animal
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What happens during "communion"?
Christians recreate the last supper with bread and wine
Holy water is sprinkled across the body of the church
A child is presented to his parents
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What is "Advent"?
The beginning of the church year
The receival of forgiveness
The name of the leader of the church
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If you practice "chastity", what are you abstaining from?
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When you say "amen" what does it literally translate into?
Jesus is my savior
So be it
Adam and Eve
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What are the "commandments"?
Specific rules each pastor assigns to his church
A famous religious band
Rules to follow in life given by God to Moses
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What is a "crucifix"?
The song sung at the end of every religious gathering
The model of the cross with a figure of Jesus on it
A special ring believed to provide luck and safety to the wearer
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What is "Good Friday"?
The first day of the year
The day that Jesus was crucified
A day of fasting and silence
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What is the "Garden of Eden"?
An area of a church for eating and mingling
A religious area in Rome
Adam and Eve's original home
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If someone shouts "blasphemy!", what are they referring to?
They are acknowledging that that person is a prophet
It is a greeting of love and affection
Words another person has uttered that are against God
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What does “nickels and noses” mean?
"Nickels" are coins in a fountain and "Noses" are crying attendees
"Nickels" are monetary donations and "Noses" are church’s attendees
"Nickels" the children of the parish and "Noses" the senior attendees
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What are "7-11 songs"?
Contemporary worship songs with simplistic lyrics
Referring to Job 7:11
Songs that children sing in church
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