The Best Massage Therapists In Los Angeles, California


Between Swedish, Thai, deep tissue/sport, hot stone, Shiatsu, trigger point, prenatal, and foot reflexology, the Los Angeles massage community offers a wide assortment of massage styles. With an estimated 10.1 million people spread over 88 cities in Los Angeles County, and with massage parlors popping up on every corner, finding the perfect therapist can take some time! Our list of L.A.'s best massage therapists will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to unwind into the ideal therapeutic treatment for your muscles.

1. Fiona Bliss, CMT

If you thought a massage couldn't get any more relaxing, you haven't had a massage from Fiona Bliss. Fiona couldn't be more qualified to be one of Los Angeles's best massage therapists. Her last name is the feeling that massages induce, and she sets customers at ease with her soothing personality and "natural gift of healing", as many happy clients have mentioned on Yelp. Fiona's calm demeanor welcomes newcomers but she isn't afraid to showcase her "Esalen massage" on them. The Esalen Massage is a "gentle, soothing massage capable of inducing deep relaxation in the recipient. Using long, graceful strokes to heighten the client's awareness of bodily experiences, the practitioner gives attention to the entire body in this approach", according to Massagetique. Trained in both Eastern and Western Massage styles, Fiona is a certified massage therapist, having completed her 100 hours of training to obtain her license and is a licensed practitioner of Esalen Massage and Deep Body from Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

Fiona makes in-home appointments and office appointments in West Hollywood and Manhattan Beach, CA. +1 (310) 227-5555

Healing room 😇

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2. Staci Nicoletti, LMT

Come prepared to have a spiritual encounter when Staci Nicoletti, LMT is your massage therapist. Staci is a nationally and state certified massage therapist and Reiki III (Master) practitioner. Her training spans over 800-hours through the Cortiva Institute in Chicago and she continues to hone her expertise by continually training at the World School of Massage in San Francisco, National Bodywork Seminars, and the LMT Success Group. Staci specializes in several types of massage but cupping and Reiki set her apart. She believes that massage is a necessity and not a luxury and prices her services so that her clients can see her twice each month. Her other speciality is neck and shoulder release, and she focuses on deep structural work to free and mobilize those areas. If you are afflicted by tension headaches, Staci spends her time getting to the source of the muscular pain in the neck shoulders and jaw, which often cause these headaches.

Staci is in two different locations: Long Beach and West LA +1 (630) 709-7397

Long Beach Location: Naples Permanent Beauty - 5520 E 2nd Street #6 Long Beach, CA 90803 West LA Location: 1444 Carmelina Ave #132 Los Angeles, CA 90025

3. Craig Burckes, CMT

Sometimes you're not looking to relax with a Swedish massage, but rather heat it up with a sports or trigger point massage. Craig Burckes Sports Massage services have allowed him to receive 47 five-star reviews on yelp and his strength and technique have given him loyal followers to boot. Jon E. (from Los Angeles, CA)) said this about Craig, "If there were a Marvel Superhero who lived normal life as a massage therapist, that would be Craig. Strongest hands around with a sensibility to know-how and experience to manage that strength. Definitively my go to for body work!"

4. Angie Wong, CMT

Understanding that massage is as much a physical journey as it is an experimental journey, Angie Wong introduces her clients to [CBD](] Oil-infused massage. Mia's goal of inspiring others makes her ultra-aware of her clients' needs, and therefore align her healing with her patient when dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and illnesses. She specializes in sports massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and stretch therapy and she is also a NASM personal trainer.

Angie is a State Licensed Massage Therapist, CBD/THC Medical Cannabis Practitioner, and she has over 15 years of experience. Before opening her own practice, she worked in high-end spas from the Beverly Hilton, Mr. C Hotel, Sofitel, luxury health clubs, and under medical practices in chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture.

8000 Sunset Blvd B-200, Los Angeles, CA 90046 +1 (310) 853-3490

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5. Christina Bauer, CMT

‘Yoga Warriors' is the term coined by this L.A.-based teacher to describe yogis who use their practice as a weapon against weakness, sickness, and fears. While Rudy‘s classes definitely create Yoga Warriors in the physical sense, he holds the viewpoint that students must also mindfully change the intention of their practice to gain real strength; thus, he teaches the importance of one's mindset in each pose. Rudy breaks down every movement in his online classes with Udaya, but students of all levels can also challenge body and mind with Rudy's in-person instruction at Power Yoga in Santa Monica.