A Perfect Parody For All The Parents Who Gave In And Got A Minivan


Your 16-year-old​ self is dying but minivans are so awesome!!

A too-accurate-for-comfort parody video takes on the hard-won decision for parents (both new and old) to buy the minivan. plays sad, sad violin

The Texting Yoga Pants, a group of amazing moms, popular for their parenting parodies, switched up Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It" for a remix called "Never Thought I'd Do It."

As the mamas ironically use breast pumps as faux microphones, they sing about how they never thought they'd "be that mom" and get a minivan. As one mom put it, "I sold out to all the leg room."

Raising glass of pinot grigio Hear Hear!

H/T BabyCenter/Huffington Post