22 Formative Reasons 80s Movies Made Us Who We Are Today

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Life lessons can be found anywhere, but the 80's was formative to our upbringing. All hail 80s movies.

1. Teen angst (and desperation) breed creativity

2. and the underdog can win

3. We learned that dancing alone is something everyone does

4. and that social status really doesn't trump your true feelings

5. Because life moves pretty fast and if you don't stop and look around, you might miss it

6. and that marshmallows are always better toasted

7. We learned that changing the past, won't make the future better

8. and that we're not alone

9. That archeology is very, very sexy

10. and that pirates and treasure are a legit possibility

11. That you shouldn't mess with the empire

12. unless you foresee the Jedi returning

13. Don't underestimate uninvited guests

14. and that train tracks are very dangerous

15. We learned that "as you wish" is basically the most romantic phrase ever

16. and that taking the first step (carrying a watermelon) can led to amazing accomplishments

17. Basically that dancing is the best activity ever

18. We learned that wishing to be something else, won't be all it's cracked up to be

19. and that weird strangers are not to be trusted with children

20. That coming to america is harder than you'd think

21. and that country clubs are most likely snob and gopher-infested

22. We learned that being led by your ego has grave consequences

23. and, lastly, to stay true to your colors

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