17 Genuine Reasons Your Mom Is Your First Best Friend

It's good to be gotten.

1. Because she understands you even when no one else does.

can't understand child

2. They are the only person where one word can irritate and help you in the exact same moment

reminder to do something that you haven't done

3. Because she can tell what your feeling, even before you do

4. And when you just need help with something only they could possibly get.

how long do you boil eggs for

5. Because they always want to share their experiences with you however they can.

mom hanging onto child

6. And even when you complain about it, you're secretly thanking them for being there

scared/crying into moms arms

7. Because they've always got your back

mom wearing face paint (inside out)

8. and they've never hesitated to help you, even in the worst circumstances

diaper blow out

9. Because no one texts like they do.


10. Because your successes are their successes

mom cheering

11. and with your mom, you can always just be yourself.

super ugly picture after getting home

12. Because you can call them anytime, with nothing to say, and they're happy to hear from you

13. and they “like” your Facebook updates, Instagrams, and tweets as soon as they go up.

14. She's the only person who can tell you that you're being a bitch

and you actually listen

15. Because your actually take her advice on clothing, even if it's not the intended advice

16. and she's literally the only person that will forgive you after being the meanest you've ever been

17. You had a specific memory in mind for every single item on this list.

18. and then you're gonna share this to your mom with tears in your eyes

19. Because she's always looking out for your best interests AND your happiness


20. Your secrets are safe with her


Because you know her secrets too