Quiz: You Probably Won't Score 100% On This Trivia Test But You Can Try!

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General trivia tests are the perfect way to measure out what you know!

General trivia is a fun way to see what you know and measure out your knowledge. Give this quiz a try!

 Sep 19, 2018
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The reason that trivia is so fun is that it is so challenging. Knowing about certain gems of knowledge that other people might not know feels exceptionally gratifying. A lot of trivia knowledge can be gathered in grade school between the ages of 13 and 17! More of it can be learned during college years and grad school years. The reality though is that a lot of the best trivia a person can learn is picked up outside of regular academic settings! People can grasp onto new concepts and amazing truths at any point in time throughout their day. People learn new things on the subway or bus, at work, with their children, from their Uber drivers… or really anywhere! The world is filled with so many interesting and intriguing facts. Trivia tests that are based on a specific subject are a little easier because they focus on one thing and one thing alone. Whether the subject is music from the 80's, geography, religion, or whatever, being able to hone in on one subject can be helpful. When a trivia quiz remains super broad and open, the generality of the questions can feel a little intimidating. Focusing on a single subject like food trivia feels simpler because recipes and ingredients are all in the same realm of information, but if the trivia quiz is about food PLUS many other things, it gets more complex! That obviously does not stop a quiz taker like you from going all out and giving it your best shot! Take this general trivia quiz to see how knowledgeable you really are!