Quiz: 90% Of Americans Will Fail This Wild West History Test. Will You?

the good the bad, Clint Eastwood, rodrigo santoro
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Do you belong in the Wild West?

The history of the Wild West is quite interesting. Do you know about this era of time in terms of people, culture, and more?

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Think you know a lot of the era of the Wild West? This era of time was all about cowboys, Indians, outlaws, gangs, gunfighters, saloons, and much more! Living during this era of time meant that you probably did whatever you had to do to stay alive, stay safe, and maintain your reputation in the streets. Sebastian Maniscalco is a well-known actor and comedian who was part of some popular entertainment about this historical era of time. He said, "I started working full time as a comedian in 2005, shortly after we did the Vince Vaughn 'Wild West Comedy Show.' I worked at the Four Seasons hotel from 1998 to 2005, so about seven years, just trying to put some food on the table and pay the rent while I went out to the open mics and got my feet wet with stand-up comedy." Steven Pinker is a brilliant scientist who knows a lot about history. he referenced the era of the Wild West when he said, "America had, for one thing, lived in anarchy for - until much more recently than Europe. We had the Wild West, where the cliche of the cowboy movies was the nearest sheriff is 90 miles away, and so you had to pack a gun and defend yourself." He is right about that... guns for defense and the idea of living in anarchy was definitely part of the Wild West past. If you remember a lot of details about this historical era, prove it right now!

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