Quiz: Can You Name All Of These Underrated Characters In The Bible?

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Have you been reading your Bible?

Anyone who reads their Bible on a regular basis is going t be able to name off these underrated characters!

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Underrated Bible figures are people who made a huge impact on history but did not receive the right amount of clout or the high level of acknowledgment that they maybe deserved! Some underrated Bible figures are cooler than others... some are much more forgettable than others too. It does not matter how small or insignificant their role may seem to you though... if they were mentioned anywhere in the pages of the Bible, then that means they were kind of a big deal! (A huge deal!).

Kevin DeYoung is a popular Theologian who talked about the Bible by saying, "The Bible tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Surely part of loving in this way is trying to understand what another person wants us to understand. I may not understand perfectly and I may not agree, but if I love you I should try to know what it is you wish I could know." He is right. We should always love others-- and that includes the underrated Bible figures we don't focus on too much from history. They made a difference!

Underrated Bible figures were mentioned, even if it was briefly, for a reason. We should pay attention to their names and their stories a little bit more than we do as a religious society. They landed inside the pages of the Bible by God's order... God controls everything inside the Bible! If you are the type of person who has spent enough time in your Bible reading the stories, then you likely know these underrated people!

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