Quiz: Two Truths & A Lie... 60s History Edition! Can You Spot The Lie?

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Do you remember the 60s?

The 60s was a great era for culture, music, food, actors, actresses, and more! How much do you recall from this time?

 Feb 16, 2019
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According to Alice Cooper, "The late sixties and early seventies were kind of a breeding ground for exciting new sounds because easy listening and folk were kind of taking over the airwaves. I think it was a natural next step to take that blissful, easy-going sound and strangle the life out of it." What an interesting perspective to have on this wonderful era.

Kate Moss, a famous model of modern time, spoke of this time by saying, "I love the Sixties with Julie Christie and Jane Birkin - those natural English beauties. That's the look that is most me when I wore the tight-to-the knee dresses. I don't think I bleached my hair until I was 20. I like experimenting for big occasions, though. You've always got to do a bit of a number for the birthday!" When people speak so highly of an era, you know it was a good one!

Now it is your turn! Do you love the 60s? Do you find it to be a unique decade with amazing music and fashion sense? If so, now is your chance to show how much you loved the 60s! Are you up to the challenge? Find out now!

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