Quiz: Two Truths & A Lie... 60s History Edition! Can You Spot The Lie?


Do you remember the 60s?

The 60s was a great era for culture, music, food, actors, actresses, and more! How much do you recall from this time?

 Feb 16, 2019

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The 60s were best known for ...
The First Televised Presidential Debate
The U.S. denying the Soviet Union
A possible nuclear attack

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Back in the 60s, this word also meant "Cool"

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Yikes! This horror movie brought terror to the 60s movie scene.
The Silence of the Lambs
Rosemary's Baby
Night of the Living Dead

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This event dominated news headlines in January of 1968.
Communism beliefs spread into 50% of the United States
Alexander Dubcek was elected as the 1st secretary of the Communist Party
The Prague Spring reform took place

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Do you know your 60s music? This song made it to the 60s Top Hits list!
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Dancing Queen
Stand by Me

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This 60s political event would shape US politics for the rest of time.
The Kent State Massacre
Eugene McCarthy had announced his candidacy
The Black Panthers organization was founded

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When newspapers were delivered to your doorstep, this was a MAJOR headline.
Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated
President Charles de Gaulle dissolved the National Assembly
James Earl Ray made his permanent getaway to Spain

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It's the decade for amazing musical theater! This musical got its big break in the 60s.
The Sound of Music
Mary Poppins

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This key historical event would later define the 60s.
USSR Tests Hydrogen Bomb
Cuban Missile Crisis
The 60s was titled the Decade of World's End

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Prove to us that you know 60s lingo! This word has a negative connotation.

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This word could also mean "Awesome!"

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It's the decade of rock 'n' roll! This rock song dominated the 60s Hit Music Charts.
Born To Be Wild
Sweet Home Alabama
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

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This key event caused great political unrest in 1960s United States.
Richard Nixon led in the polls
Former Alabama governor George Wallace lost the popular vote
Olympic protests occurred in October

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Okay, you 60s Know-It-All! This was a phrase that meant "Tell me everything you know. I want the whole truth!"
Wack it to me
Sock it to me
Lay it on me

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This important historical event really brought the world's attention to 1960s America.
Apollo 8 circled the moon 10 times
Jim Lovell, Bill Anders and Frank Borman orbited the moon
Tommie Smith and John Carlos were kicked out of the Olympics

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Pretty Woman! This 60s slang word could be used to describe an attractive girl.

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Love is in the air, and movie-goers adored this popular 60s romantic movie.
Annie Hall
My Fair Lady
The Graduate

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This band was known to shape the 60s music industry!
The Beatles
Guns N' Roses
The Who
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According to Alice Cooper, "The late sixties and early seventies were kind of a breeding ground for exciting new sounds because easy listening and folk were kind of taking over the airwaves. I think it was a natural next step to take that blissful, easy-going sound and strangle the life out of it." What an interesting perspective to have on this wonderful era.

Kate Moss, a famous model of modern time, spoke of this time by saying, "I love the Sixties with Julie Christie and Jane Birkin - those natural English beauties. That's the look that is most me when I wore the tight-to-the knee dresses. I don't think I bleached my hair until I was 20. I like experimenting for big occasions, though. You've always got to do a bit of a number for the birthday!" When people speak so highly of an era, you know it was a good one!

Now it is your turn! Do you love the 60s? Do you find it to be a unique decade with amazing music and fashion sense? If so, now is your chance to show how much you loved the 60s! Are you up to the challenge? Find out now!

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