Can You Answer All Of These Tough True or False History Qs to Perfection?

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Alright, historian... can you handle this fast facts World History quiz?

Knowing historical facts about people, places, and things around the world is incredible! Are you up to the challenge?

 Feb 10, 2019
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History never changes... it is set in stone and written down as things occurred and happened. Because of this, it is our job to stay up to date as numerous events pile on top of historic events! With this, can you confidently make the claim that you are knowledgeable and competent about the various historical events?

Celine Buckens once said, "I actually love history. I've devoured book after book of stories from World War I and World War II. They're really two sections of world history that really interest me. I knew very extensively a lot about World War I." Devouring books on these subjects is not just fun for her-it is fun for a lot of us! Rocky Carroll chimed in by saying, "A free and democratic society is not the norm. When you look to the history books, world history was not based on great democratic societies but on imperialism, absolute rule, kings, queens, monarchs, dictators." He is absolutely right about that! Walter Gropius gave his take on this amazing subject by saying, "We are in the midst of a momentous catastrophe of world history, of a transformation of all aspects of life and of the entire inner human being This is perhaps fortunate for the artistic person, if he is strong enough to bear the consequences because what we need is the courage to have inner experience."

Now it's your turn! If you truly know about World History as much as they do, then you will have no problem acing this true or false quiz with ease! Are you ready?