Quiz: You Can Only Say You're A Genius If You Can Get 20/20 On This Trivia

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Can you ace this trivia quiz?

General trivia can be so fun when you know all the answers! See how many of these general trivia questions you can correctly answer!

 Mar 20, 2020

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Michael Jordan famously promoted which shoe company?

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Who founded Microsoft?
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Ronald Reagan

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Which city is considered the home of jazz?
New Orleans

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Where is a dog's sweat gland located?

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In what city was President John F. Kennedy assassinated?
Washington, D.C.

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In the year _____________ American women won the right to vote.

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Where did pizza originate from?

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What is the largest freshwater lake in the world?
Lake Havasu
Lake Superior
Lake Minnetonka

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Who was Steve Jobs?
The CEO of Apple
The leading actor in Shawshank Redemption
The governor of Washington DC

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Which Disney princess is willing to sacrifice her own life to save her father?
Snow White

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In 1932, Amelia Earhart was the first woman to:
Fly solo across the Atlantic
Win a pie baking competition overseas
Be published without a pen name
Run for congress

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How many zodiac signs are there when it comes to astrology?

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Which one of these is a famous women sings "I Will Always Love You"?
Diana Ross
Patsy Cline
Whitney Houston

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In Jimmy Buffett's ballad "Margaritaville," what is he searching for?
Lost Shaker of Salt
His Girlfriend

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When did Disneyland first open up in California?

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There once was a business called Blockbuster. What did they sell?
Concert tickets
DVD and VHS rentals
Paintball lessons

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The movie _____________ was about the shipwreck of a massive cruise ship and the film was awarded 11 Oscars.
The Love Boat

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"Like A Prayer" was a huge hit for which artist?
Michael Jackson
Hootie & The Blowfish

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What is the official nickname of Texas?
Red State
The Alamo State
The Lone Star State

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What does Fred Flintstone wear around his neck?
A tie
A scarf
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