Quiz: You Can Only Say You're A Genius If You Can Get 20/20 On This Trivia

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Can you ace this trivia quiz?

General trivia can be so fun when you know all the answers! See how many of these general trivia questions you can correctly answer!

 Mar 20, 2020
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Trivia quizzes and games have been an American pastime for ages. Whether you are at your local pub enjoying a cold beverage while playing their touch-screen games, at home with family and friends on a board game, or enjoying your favorite quiz website, trivia seems to always be an intriguing form of entertainment! Often times when you notice someone having an undeniable amount of wisdom on a variety of categories it always creates a thirst for knowledge in the people participating. In America, we refer to people being either "book smart" or "street smart", but general trivia has always tested to see if you have both of these attributes. When you can answer a question about deep-rooted culture in foreign history, as well as know today's pop culture, that is when trivia becomes the most fun. Everybody seems to always have their own set of retained information on certain subjects, but that will only allow you to answer about seventy percent of the questions right. On these quizzes, we are looking for the real geniuses of today by spreading out the questions topics. Trying to remember what you learned in science class in middle school and then immediately answering a question about what you saw on last weeks news feed can be extremely tough. This is why we are looking for the true genius types. Let's see who can actually call themselves a genius and back it up! Get ready to take the heavyweight champion of the world in quizzes so you can wear the genius title proudly!

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