Tennis Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do YOU Know?

serena williams

Are you a tennis lover? Who isn't! It's fun to watch and it's fun to play. Take this quiz if you're keen to tennis lingo.

Playing tennis and watching tennis are two very different things! The nice thing is that just about anyone can take a tennis lingo quiz!

 Sep 15, 2018
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Tennis is a sport that was first played between the years of 1859 and 1865 in Birmingham, England. Tennis currently rivals against soccer, volleyball, and softball when it comes to women’s sports. Women also play basketball, water polo, and golf but those sports are less popular in the world of female athletics. Tennis has been a pinnacle of entertainment for years with all-stars like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova as the face of the game. Tennis can be played in teams of two or it can be played individually and either way, you play the game, it is totally fun! It is hard to deny how fun it can be to keep up with the scores of an intense and mind-blowing tennis match. The 2018 Wimbledon Championships just took place this summer between the days of July 2nd and July 15th. The male tennis players who battled it out against each other on the court were inspiring and brilliant to observe. Margaret Smith Court is one of the most notable tennis players of all time because of the amazing record she has broken during her career as a tennis all-star. A lot of upcoming tennis players aspire to reach goals like hers and break records at some point in their career in order to go down in the history books! Tennis is always going to be one of the sports that garners a lot of attention, creates a large and cheerful crowd, and attracts great audiences of fans and observers. It is way to majestic a sport to be denied or ignored!