If You Can Ace This Saintly Quiz, You're Pretty Angelical!

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Are your sights set on Him?

Knowing about the Catholic saints is important for people in this wonderful religion! Now it's your time to see how well you know the saints!

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Praying to the many different saints is a smart thing to do when you have a specific issue or dilemma to handle! Dealing with a broken heart from a failed relationship? There is a saint for that. Dealing with financial struggles after losing your job? There is a saint for that! Dealing with a lot of anxiety and nervousness? There is a saint for that too! There is a saint for us to pray to when we have a test we're scared to take, when we want to make major life decisions, and when we need an answer to an impending question.

Christian believe that we should direct all of our prayers directly to God but Catholics see things a bit differently. Catholics choose to spread their prayers, requests, and questions out amongst the many saints. Henry B. Eyring, a man of God, spoke about the saints by saying, "The miracle of unity is being granted to us as we pray and work for it in the Lord's way. Our hearts will be knit together in unity. God has promised that blessing to His faithful Saints whatever their differences in background and whatever conflict rage around them." His words about the saints are very insightful. They are part of the Catholic faith because God allows them to be. He allows them to bless the lives of the people who live their lives in daily prayer. Take this quiz on the Catholic saints and find out just how angelic you are!

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