If You Can Ace This Saintly Quiz, You're Pretty Angelical!

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Are your sights set on Him?

Knowing about the Catholic saints is important for people in this wonderful religion! Now it's your time to see how well you know the saints!

 Jan 04, 2019

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If you are pursuing the adoption of a baby, which saint would you pray to?
Germaine Cousin
Agostina Pietrantoni

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Saint Raphael the Archangel is one of the saints we pray to help ___.

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When it comes to all things artistic, which saint would you pray to?
Catherine of Bologna

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Which saints would you pray to in order to avoid stormy weather?
Nicholas and Sabinus
Eurosia and Medard
Matthew and Bernardino of Feltre

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Praying to Saint Emygdius and Saint Francis Borgia can protect you from what natural disaster?

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Expectant women pray to ___ during their pregnancies.
Gerard Majella
Mother of God

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Which saint would you pray to if you had a loved one suffering with alcoholism?
John of God
Julia of Corsica

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Praying to Saint Robert Bellarmine and Saint Sebastian would help with what?
Stopping bad weather
Stopping the spread of contagious disease
Reunifying family members

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If you find yourself falsely accused of something, who would you pray to?
Raymond Nonnatus
Henry of Finland
Isidore the Farmer

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Praying to Saint Infant Jesus of Prague would help you with what issue?
Money problems
Weight loss
Family problems

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If you are worried about your grandmother, who would you pray to?
Saint Clare of Assisi
Saint Blaise
Saint Anne

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If a bride and her groom feel nervous on their wedding day, who might they pray to?
Gummarus and Joseph of Palestine
Louis IX and Nicholas of Myra
Gall and Martin of Tours

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Praying to Saints Adelard, Fiacre, Rose of Lima, and Adam would help workers in what profession?

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Carrie is looking for a new home to move into. Which saint would help with that?
Saint Amos
Saint Deirdre
Saint Joseph

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Pray to Saint Bernardine of Siena if you are planning to take a vacation to ___.

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Lucy struggles with feelings of jealousy against her sister. Which saint should she pray to?
Elizabeth of Portugal
Ignatius of Loyola
Francis de Sales

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Praying to Saint Thomas More would help people of what profession?

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You might pray to Saint Sebaldus before taking a trip to which country?

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Praying to Saint Anthony of Padua helps who?
Lonely people
Oppressed people
Elderly people

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Which saint might you pray to for guidance in parenthood?
Rita of Cascia
Leonard of Port Maurice
Francis Xavier
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Praying to the many different saints is a smart thing to do when you have a specific issue or dilemma to handle! Dealing with a broken heart from a failed relationship? There is a saint for that. Dealing with financial struggles after losing your job? There is a saint for that! Dealing with a lot of anxiety and nervousness? There is a saint for that too! There is a saint for us to pray to when we have a test we're scared to take, when we want to make major life decisions, and when we need an answer to an impending question.

Christian believe that we should direct all of our prayers directly to God but Catholics see things a bit differently. Catholics choose to spread their prayers, requests, and questions out amongst the many saints. Henry B. Eyring, a man of God, spoke about the saints by saying, "The miracle of unity is being granted to us as we pray and work for it in the Lord's way. Our hearts will be knit together in unity. God has promised that blessing to His faithful Saints whatever their differences in background and whatever conflict rage around them." His words about the saints are very insightful. They are part of the Catholic faith because God allows them to be. He allows them to bless the lives of the people who live their lives in daily prayer. Take this quiz on the Catholic saints and find out just how angelic you are!

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