Quiz: If You Can Pass This Religion Quiz, You Could Turn Water Into Wine

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Can you turn water into wine? Find out through this quiz!

One of Jesus' greatest miracles was when he turned water into wine! Take this quiz to see if you are aware of his other miracles!

 Oct 13, 2018

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What do you call the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?
The Apostles
The Holy Family
The Holy Trinity

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The bread and wine of the Lord's Supper represent what?
Love and forgiveness
Life and death
Jesus' body and blood

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Who wrote the four gospels?
Andrew, Mark, John, and Peter
Matthew, Philip, Judas, and John
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

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In what form was the original Bible text found?
Inside painted cave walls
Engraved stones
The Dead Sea Scrolls

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Fill in the blank: There are ___ commandments!

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In what language was the original Bible written?

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Which of these stars is a religious symbol?
The Star of David
The Big Dipper

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Which faith of people call God Yahweh?

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What is the name of the current Catholic Pope?
Pope John Paul II
Pope Paul VI
Pope Francis

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What is the name of the most previous Pope?
Adrian VI
Pius XI
Benedict XVI

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What was fanned in Jesus' direction when he first entered into Jerusalem before his death?
Palm leaves
Clean garments
Locks of hair

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In the Bible, what are the walls described as being covered with in Heaven?
Chairs for each of the heavenly angels
Sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, and more jewels

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According to the Christian bible, what will the streets be paved with in heaven?

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What is described in Revelation, the final book of the Bible?
Mary Magdalen introduction
The rapture
Jesus' baptism

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Who first drafted an idea to separate church and state?
Jimmy Carter
Thomas Jefferson
Abe Lincoln

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When did the current Pope take his position?

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How was Jesus's life brought to an end?
Crucifixion on a cross
Stoning by the public
Trapped in a lion's Den

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Which of these books is truly in the Christian Bible?
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Imagine being one of the blessed individuals who got to stand beside Jesus Christ as he turned water into wine! It was probably a stunning and shocking moment for those people! Fortunately for us, Jesus's miracles have been documented in the Bible for us to reflect upon and admire! The Christian and Catholic churches both spend their time talking about these miracles! Jesus obviously made an impact on human life-- people still follow him to this day after all!

God is all-powerful! He has the power to take things like disease, anxiety, poverty and much more away from human beings who are suffering or going through turmoil in their lives. HIs power is unlimited — after all, he can move mountains! This is why we who believe have the strong faiths that we do! God can change anything at the drop of a hat! Each day brings new opportunities to experience his miracles and divine interventions. Religion quizzes like this will help gauge what knowledge you have personally collected over your years! Having a strong faith is such an important and beautiful thing to have, especially as a woman. When it comes to religion, there are so many different faiths to think about and consider! As a believer, it is best to choose what feels the like the right path for you!

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