Quiz: Can We Guess Which Christian Protestant Denomination You Belong To?

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Mary of Nazareth via Ignatius Press Films

Are you Baptist, Lutheran, or Methodist?

Being a Christian is a beautiful thing no matter what denomination you are! But we still want to see if we can peg whether you are Baptist, Lutheran, or Methodist!

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It is time for us to try and guess which denomination you are part of within the Christian faith! There are quite a few denominations you might fall under and all of the options are wonderful and majestic in God's eyes. As long as we consider our faiths to be growing and developing relationships with Jesus Christ, whatever denomination we fall under is just another detail! The Catholic Church has a following of 1.285 billion people, Protestantism has a following of 920 million people, and the Eastern Orthodox Church has a following of 270 million people! Oriental Orthodoxy has a following of 86 million people, Restorationism & Nontrinitarianism has a following of 35 million people, and Independent Catholicism has a following of 18 million people. Minor branches have a following of 2 million people as well! Whether you are a Baptist, Lutheran, or Methodist, all God truly cares about is the fact that honor him and build your relationship with Him each and every day! He constantly forgives us for our sins and shows us how much he loves us as our heavenly father! Having a heavenly father who forgives all of our sins and loves us unconditionally is such an overwhelming feeling! Knowing that we are never alone no matter what our circumstances are looking like is also an incredible and beautiful thing! God is always with us, no matter what denomination we choose to fall under! This quiz will help us try to guess which denomination you personally are, based on your Christian faith and your beliefs!

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