Quiz: These 22 Words Are Used By PhD's Only. Do YOU Know What They Mean?

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Are you Ph.D. status?

People with Ph.D.'s talk in a way that might be a little more complex than normal! Can you keep up with the language!

 Mar 29, 2020

1 of 22Define this word!

Tenure (Verb)
A permanent position
Develop a skill
A practical explanation

2 of 22Define this word!

Innovative (Adjective)
Creating new methods
Immeasurably small
Concurrence of opinion

3 of 22Define this word!

Sustainability (Noun)
Perform an act
Have in mind as a purpose
Maintain a certain rate

4 of 22Define this word!

Collaborative (Adjective)
Conducted by two or more parties working together
Consume all of one's attention
Some situation that is thought about

5 of 22Define this word!

Obtain (Verb)
Come into possession of
Deficient in quantity
Conducting an experiment

6 of 22Define this word!

Stock (Verb)
Capital raised by a corporation
To split into two or more branches
An abstract idea

7 of 22Define this word!

Appoint (Verb)
Pursuit of education
A physical structure
Assign a duty

8 of 22Define this word!

Revere (Verb)
Construct something large
Feeling of deep respect for something
A figure of speech

9 of 22Define this word!

Abhorrent (adjective)
Disgusting or repugnant
A planned undertaking

10 of 22Define this word!

Raw (Adjective)
Have an influence upon
Express an idea

11 of 22Define this word!

Revise (Verb)
Give an interpretation of
Bring into existence
Re-examine and make alterations

12 of 22Define this word!

Perpetual (Adjective)
Requiring strenuous effort
Never ending
A variety of different things

13 of 22Define this word!

Quintessential (adjective)
Representing a perfect example
Occurring in the middle of another event

14 of 22Define this word!

Synonymous (Adjective)
Declare a statement
Having a similar meaning
Continue to exit

15 of 22Define this word!

Intermittent (Adjective)
Not continuous or steady
Be oppressive
Lack of respect

16 of 22Define this word!

Hypothesis (Noun)
Make a great effort
Report a case
An educated guess

17 of 22Define this word!

Analytical (Adjective)
Never ending
Logical reasoning
Fixed in your purpose

18 of 22Define this word!

Ambivalence (noun)
Being uncertain or stuck between choices
Something out of the norm
Extreme concentration

19 of 22Define this word!

Egregious (adjective)
Extremely bad

20 of 22Define this word!

Allude (Verb)
To make something obvious
To secretly or subtly mention something
To consent or permit

21 of 22Define this word!

Eloquent (adjective)
Having refined communication skills
Firmly established

22 of 22Define this word!

Pinnacle (noun)
The roof of a building
A pyramid shape
Highest level or degree
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People with Ph.D.'s spend extra time in school to obtain a larger vocabulary with an expanded education! This is why they tend to use complex vocabulary to show off their intelligence to the public. So if you are ready to prove yourself to the world, then it is time to take this quiz! HOWEVER, we recommend that you flex those finger tips and take a deep breath. As previously stated, this quiz won't be "easy" so good luck!

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