Quiz: Even People With PhD's Can't Pass This Geography Vocabulary Test

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Let's see if Geography was your best subject in grade school!

In order to appreciate our beautiful planet, knowing the vocabulary of geography is crucial. So here is your chance to say thank you to mother nature!

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Are you the kind of person who knows a lot about Geography? Are you a Geography teacher? If not, could you teach a Geography class to a group of students? Regardless of what you do for a living, it is important to know many different things about our beautiful planet! In order to raise your IQ, it is wise to know that a bay is part of a large body of water that is smaller than a gulf. One would also need to know that the coral reef is an ocean ridge made up of skeletal remains of tiny sea animals! It is also smart to know that isthmus is a narrow piece of land connecting two larger land areas! Knowing about the differences between longitude and latitude is another important part of Geography as an academic subject! Lastly, using tools like compass roses and scales, which help to show us distances in measurements of miles and kilometers, can really help us better understand Geography! Take this quiz to see how many Geography words you know about!

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