Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Americans Know The Meaning of These Spanish Words

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Are you fluent in the language of love?

Spanish is an extremely common language spoken in America! How many of these Spanish words do you know?

 Feb 22, 2019
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Nicholas Kristof mentioned the importance of learning a language like Spanish when he said, "Every high school and college graduate in America should, I think, have some familiarity with statistics, economics and a foreign language such as Spanish. Religion may not be as indispensable, but the humanities should be a part of our repertory. They may not enrich our wallets, but they do enrich our lives. They civilize us. They provide context."

Rae Carson found a cool way to learn the language of Spanish and he described that when he said, "I worked at a job where 90 percent of my coworkers were Spanish-speaking, and some of them were only Spanish-speaking. My rule was if someone came into the office needing something - I worked in HR at the time - they had to bring a Spanish word to teach me. That was the deal."

Maya Angelou is one of the world's most talented poets ever!She once said, "Growing up, my grandmother did not want worldly music in the house. Then when I went out to California, I started listening to Spanish music, mostly Mexican music. But were I in Egypt, I would listen to the music of the people, or if I was in Italy, I'd listen to Italian music." It is amazing that she loved Spanish music so much, amongst music of other languages.

The Spanish language is considered a "love language" for a reason! If you are fluent in the Spanish language, now is your chance to prove just how deep your Spanish roots are! Are you up to the challenge?