Sing It Loud And Proud If You Can Ace This Impossible Hymnal Quiz

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Have you been singing your praises?

Hymnal praises can bring us closer and closer to the Lord! Are you the type to constantly sing the heavenly praises?

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Hymns are a big deal when it comes to church services. One of the fastest and most effective ways we can grow our faiths is to sing our praises to the Lord through worship. Hymns are a bit different from typical worship songs because of the way the words are shaped together. They can appear to be very poetic which is a beautiful thing!

Hymns like "Jesus, Thank You" by Pat Sczebel are very special! This particular hymn was written in Louisville, Kentucky in the year 2003. That is fairly new in comparison to a lot of the classic hymns we are so accustomed to listening to and singing along with. The lyrics say this: "The mystery of the cross I cannot comprehend / The agonies of Calvary / You the perfect Holy One, crushed Your Son / Who drank the bitter cup reserved for me / Your blood has washed away my sin / Jesus, thank You / The Father's wrath completely satisfied / Jesus, thank You / Once Your enemy, now seated at Your table / Jesus, thank You." If a song like that does not just lift you up along with your spirits, then what else will? The purpose of hymns is to dive deep into our emotions and our souls to help us connect with the Lord and feel closer to him through the words we can chant to a melody! If you sing hymns all the time and love the power they provide, this quiz is for you!

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