There, They're, Their, Only A Grammar Fanatic Can Ace This Quiz!

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Grammar fanatics only!

Grammar comes naturally for a lot of people since it is part of communication! Does it come naturally for you too?

 Jan 12, 2019

1 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Cordelia doesn't know _______ she put her wallet.

2 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Why is _______ hair so tangled?

3 of 22Choose Your Answer:

The word "fair" means equal. It also means:

4 of 22Choose Your Answer:

The word "bark" means the outer layer of a tree. It also means:
The sound a dog makes
A brightly shining light
A long list of tasks

5 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Daniel wasn't ________ when we went to his house yesterday.

6 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Because of my diet I can only purchase ______ pieces of candy.

7 of 22Choose Your Answer:

The word "bright" means to be filled with light. It also means:
Emotionally driven
Innocent and naive
Very smart or intelligent

8 of 22Choose Your Answer:

The word "current" means up to date. It also means:
To grow tired and weary
Worker's compensation
A stream or flow of water

9 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Madison hunted for ________ in the frozen wilderness.

10 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Are you going to walk her down the ______ on her wedding day?

11 of 22Choose Your Answer:

The word "lie" means to lounge or recline for rest. It also means:
To drive a far distance
To tell a falsehood
To gain weight

12 of 22Choose Your Answer:

The word "match" means to pair like items together. It also means:
A stick for making a flame
A tournament or game
All the above

13 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Jill knows _________ cheating on their exams and she doesn't care!

14 of 22Choose Your Answer:

What is that lovely _______ I smell floating around your house?

15 of 22Choose Your Answer:

The word "ring" means a band on a finger. It also means:
A late payment
A swift rejection
Something circular in shape

16 of 22Choose Your Answer:

The word "right" means something that is absolutely correct. It also means:
The ability to scribble or jot down information
The direction that is opposite of left
Stormy weather

17 of 22Choose Your Answer:

I can't believe _______ moving to Switzerland!

18 of 22Choose Your Answer:

Make sure that you always properly ______ your sources in your essay.

19 of 22Choose Your Answer:

The word "rock" is a genre of music. It also is:
A test
A stone
A fruit

20 of 22Choose Your Answer:

The word "Spring" is a season. It also is:
A horse-drawn carriage
A coiled metal
A fairytale story

21 of 22Choose Your Answer:

You can never ______ too many heels!

22 of 22Choose Your Answer:

I donated money because I couldn't ______ to watch her struggle any longer!
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Grammar can be quite tricky but once you get the hang of things, it isn't so tricky at all! A lot of confusion in the world of grammar comes into play when people deal with things like homophones and homonyms. These words describe other words that sound the same but are spelled differently! Words like their, they're, and there get confused very often because many people do not know the difference. It seems like it wouldn't be too tough to grasp the concept of the differences but some people really struggle with this information! The other parts of grammar that people deal with on a daily basis come down to spelling, word definitions & meanings, punctuation, and more! When it comes to spelling, certain words sound differently out loud than they appear when they are written down on a sheet of paper. This typically throws a few people for a loop!

Now it is your turn to test yourself and push your limits! Are you a grammar brainiac? Answer these fun but challenging questions now to find out!

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