Test Yourself! Can You Pass This Ultimate Grammar Challenge For A 150 IQ?

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Are you super grammatical correct?

Keeping up with proper grammar usage is important for prime communication! How much do you know about grammar?

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Grammar is a very big deal in today's society! A lot of people shorten their words to be quicker and shorter when they are texting or speaking to each other digitally and electronically but in the real world, we still need to be able to write and type with proper grammar! There are so many sentences in the world that can be written to sound much stronger! These sentences need to have verbs that are used in the proper tense! Sometimes verbs end in an "s", "ed", or "ing"! No matter what the verb is, it needs to be used properly! The subject of grammar is a serious focus for students as they prepare to take their SAT exams during their junior year of high school. The SAT focuses on math and reading of course, but grammar is a big portion of the final scoring! If a student cannot handle the grammar portion of the exam, their score might be greatly impacted by that. Students even rely on the help of private tutors to give them the guidance they need to thrive in the grammar section of the exam! Grammar is not easy and it is not a joke! Even though using acronyms and abbreviations for words within the use of modern technology has begun to change the way we type, we still need to always be able to write a formal letter if need be! Take this grammar quiz now and see how well you do with this subject!

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