Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Game Of Dreidel?

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Are you the Dreidel champion?!

Dreidel is one of the most fun and exciting games to play within Jewish culture! Do you know how to play it yourself?

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When it comes to Jewish culture and Jewish traditions, playing the game of Dreidel is extremely fun and entertaining! The game does not have too many rules but the rules that are included simply allow the game to be more fun! This game is played during Jewish events, parties, and celebrations like Hanukkah, Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah! These events are extremely fun and perfect for unifying and bringing families together!

There is something fun and exciting about the game of dreidel! It is like taking a gamble and a risk, but in the most lighthearted and fun way ever! Even kids can take part in this awesome game! The very popular Hanukkah blessing says, "And may this Festival of Lights bring blessings upon you and all your loved ones for happiness, for health, and for spiritual and material wealth. And may the lights of Chanukah usher in the light of Moshiach and a better world for all of humankind." Once a blessing like that is stated, it is time to have fun and enjoy a game like Dreidel! Take this quiz and see how you do! See if you remember all the rules and the ins and out to this super awesome and totally fun game!

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