Quiz: Can You Name Every One Of These Countries By Just 3 Clues?

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Can you list off these countries?

It is easy to guess certain countries when you have three clues to go off of! Are you able to pull this off right now?

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Traveling around the globe is fun when you know all about the places where you are traveling to! There are countries like Spain, Japan, and England that are filled with such cool views to see and such amazing people to meet! When it comes to knowing which country is which, you can easily guess if you know about each country's preferences for food, music, culture, and more! Holidays, sports, technology, clothing, and lingo are some of the other factors that might come into play when we try to guess which country is which! Joseph Bruchac described his life of travels by saying, "Every year, I travel extensively in the autumn and the spring. I set most of the winter and summer aside for my family and my own tribal relatives. But during that traveling time, I often find myself visiting other native communities around the continent - perhaps a dozen or more each year." We could all tear out a page from his book of advice! Travel is so important and fun! Seeing new places on the globe can be life-changing and wonderful in so many ways. Mekhi Phifer described the importance of travel by saying, "I've gotten to travel all over the world and meet all kinds of people and do all kinds of great things, so it's, like, surreal. It just lets you know how time flies, especially when you're having fun. It seems like time keeps going by faster as I get older. " See how you do on this quiz!

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