Quiz: Can You Name All Of These Cooking Utensils That All Chefs Know?

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Can you cook up a perfect score?

Some of us just naturally belong in the kitchen because we know exactly what utensils to use to make each different recipe!

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Cooking is one of the most exciting things to do-- especially when you are cooking for your friends and family! As soon as they take the first bite of whatever delicious meal you made, you can instantly see the happy reactions and facial expressions come across everyone's faces! If you are the type of person to collect your recipes and continue working with them until they taste the exact way that you want them to taste, then this quiz might be for you! Using kitchen utensils and being good at using those certain utensils is so important when it comes to perfecting the best recipes ever! You recognize that a pastry bag is used to design pretty flowers and other gorgeous designs on top of cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts! You recognize that pizza cutters are used to slice perfect triangle slices of pizza to munch down on! You know that crock pots are used to slowly cook meat and vegetables for dinner! You also know that blenders are perfect for making ice cream milkshakes! You also know that toasters are great for making pieces of bread taste crispy before adding butter and that mixing bowls are perfect for making the best cake batter texture! When you pull your favorite pan off the shelf, you know you can use it on the stove top to cook eggs and other yummy food options! Take this quiz if you know about these kitchen and cooking utensils better than most other people do and see how well you do!

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