Quiz: Which Member Of The Brady Bunch Matches Your Personality?

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Did you grow up watching The Brady Bunch? Find out which family member you are closest to!

We all love the Brady Bunch family! Take this Brady Bunch quiz to discover which member of the family you are!

 Sep 23, 2018
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The Brady Bunch is an amazingly wholesome and honorable family and their TV show chronicled that fact. The first episode of this G rated show aired on September 26 in the year 1969. The final episode aired on March 8, 1974. With five seasons filled to the brim with entertaining episodes, it is probably easy for people to already guess which member of the family they relate to the most. Episodes like "The Hair-Brained Scheme", "The Great Earring Caper", "The Subject Was Noses", "Everyone Can't Be George Washington", and "Love and the Older Man" tell interesting stories that always tend to have a happy ending. The happy endings that accompany any and all Brady Bunch episodes create a warm, happy go lucky feeling in viewers everywhere. Each character has episodes that are dedicated to their own plots or hijinks and those episodes help viewers get to know the family better. From Carol and Mike, the Brady Bunch parents, to all six of the kids, each member of the family is an important addition. Carol is portrayed by an actress named Florence Henderson, while Mike is portrayed by an actor named Robert Reed. Both Florence and Robert successfully are able to come together to play the roles of the wholesome parental units to their large and loving family. Greg Brady is portrayed by Barry Williams, Marcia Brady is portrayed by Maureen McCormick, Peter Brady is portrayed by Christopher Knight, Jan Brady-Covington is portrayed by Eve Plumb, Robert "Bobby" Brady is portrayed by Michael Lookinland, and Cynthia Brady is portrayed by Susan Olsen.