From Creation To The Exodus, How Well Do You Know the Book of Genesis?

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Have you read Genesis?

The book of Genesis is the first book of the entire Bible! How well do you the details from the Bible's introduction?

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We all know that the book of Genesis is the book that starts the Bible out and that it describes the story of Creationism! The question is, do you know all of the other minor details that go along with Creationism as God intended? Do you know what day God created man on? Or what day he created sea creatures? What about the day he created birds and land animals? Don't forget about the day that he created the sky itself and the moon, sun, and stars! He never got lazy with Creationism... he just kept going until he was totally pleased with the results! God truly loves us as His children and that is because he created us in His own image and then sent his son to die for us on the cross. The fact that we were created in his image is described in Genesis but Jesus's life sacrifice isn't described until later on in the New Testament! God really worked wonders when he brought human beings to life and gave us all the chance to exist because if you think about deeply... he really didn't have to do that! He did it because he loves us! Take this quiz and see how much you know about the book of Genesis!

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