Biblical Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many of These Bible Terms Do YOU Know?

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Take this Bible knowledge quiz to see what you recall!

The Bible is such a wonderful book, filled with so much information and so many stories to help guide us! What do things from the Bible you remember?

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Theodore Roosevelt once said that "A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education."He is absolutely right! He is right because the Bible is filled with so much knowledge and it teaches us things that we might never have the opportunity to learn about on a college campus in an average college class lecture. Professors these days can potentially lose their job if they talk about anything too biblical in class! If they are reported for what they discuss, it can be detrimental to their career. That is why people, in general, need to seek out the proper knowledge on their own! Reading the bible is the best way to do that because everything written down in the bible is set in place to help us live better and more fulfilling lives. Human beings are prone to error and we constantly make mistakes but the best thing that the Bible offers us is the promise of forgiveness! It is nice to know that we are forgiven and it is nice to know that God loves us unconditionally. Mike Yaconelli once said, "Looking back over the years, I realize the Bible isn't magic, but it is corrective; it isn't an answer book, it is a living book; it isn't a fix-it book, it is relationship book. When I confront God's word, I am confronted; when I read God's word, it reads me; when I seek God's presence, He seeks me." How powerful is that! Take this Bible quiz and see how much bible lingo you know.

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