Quiz: Can You Match All These Biblical Figures To Their Quotes?

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Do you know which Bible figure said what?

There are a lot of amazing people in the Bible! Do you remember which person said each of these quotes?

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The Biblical figures we know and easily recognize are obviously Jesus Christ, Virgin Mother Mary, Moses, Noah, and John the Baptist. There are so many other important biblical figures to think about as well! Peter, for example, was one of Jesus' disciples. He denied Jesus three times but prior to that, he was a very good and loyal servant. David, the young man who fought back against Goliath, is another important figure in biblical text. Saul is another figure most figure know! Who could forget about biblical figures like Adam and Eve, the first man and woman to walk the earth in the garden of Eden. They are important because they showed us what god's grand intentions were when everything began. They showed us that human beings are susceptible to temptation. They started the story on sin and became the whole reason Jesus Christ had to come down to earth to die in exchange for our forgiveness. When it comes to all of these insanely important biblical figures, there are also plenty of quotes to go along with the person! Each person in the Bible has said a few things that might be very memorable… they have each said things that might stand out! Every time someone speaks in the bible, they are either having dialogue amongst themselves or with God! A lot of the talking done in the bible comes from Jesus Christ himself! Can you remember which biblical figure said each of these awesome quotes from the Bible?

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