This Bible Test Is Driving the Internet Crazy Because Nobody Can Pass It

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Mary of Nazareth via Ignatius Press Films

Reading the Bible is one of the most angelic and spiritual things a person can experience on any given day. It is undeniably sacred! Try this quiz to test what you know when it comes to biblical knowledge!

You should definitely give this quiz a try if you've been thumbing through that wonderful Bible of yours lately!

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The bible is such an intricate and beautiful book to read. From the explanation of how earth and people came to be, to the description of how life on this earth will one day inevitably end, the Bible is filled with intriguing stories filled with truth and validity. The old and new testaments are separated by the birth of Jesus and he makes life a whole lot different when he arrives onto the scene. People who avidly read their bibles and absorb the words within the pages know exactly how much the Bible impacts daily life and typical routines. It makes such a clear and obvious difference because it is so downright powerful. A lot of the text in the bible can be uplifting and positive and the words help people survive through difficult and emotionally turbulent situations. People also know that they can turn to the bible in hard moments… moments that are sad or depressing. We turn to the Bible in times like that because we know that the Bible has words of guidance spread through its pages. The words of guidance come directly from God and that is why they allow us to feel so certain and so safe in some of our decision-making processes. There is no getting around the fact that the bible is a historical piece of literature, created to help and guide people through the word of truth. We simply can't take it for granted! Take this quiz if you know biblical details that most others might not think about!

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