Quiz: Are You Smarter Than An Atheist? Try Acing This Religious Quiz

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See if you are smarter than an Atheist!

Atheists do not believe the same thing that people with faiths believe! Let's see how much more you know than an Atheist does!

 Nov 04, 2018

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What are the two sections of the Bible called?
The Old and the New Testament
The Former and the Current Testament
The Past and the Future Testament

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What do you call the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?
the Holy Family
the Holy Trinity
the Apostles

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The 5 major world religions are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and ___________.

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In the Catholic religion, who do Catholics pray to aside from God and Jesus?
Mary and saints
Fire and the ocean
The moon and stars

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In the Islam faith, who do they believe is the messenger of God?

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In the Christian faith, what is the Holy Trinity?
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Earth, Fire, and Water
Forgiveness, Peace, and Love

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What part of the Bible do people in the Jewish religion abide by?
Old Testament
New Testament
The entire Bible

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Where is the religion of Hinduism mainly practiced?
South America
South Africa
South Asia

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In the religion of Buddhism, Buddhists strive to reach a state of __________.

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In the Catholic religion, at what age does the youth typically do their First Communion?
7 to 13
Infancy to 6
14 to 17

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Buddhists believe in the Four ________ Truths.

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In the Christian faith, Jesus' birth is described in the New Testament. Where was he born?

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What bible do people of the Islamic faith read?

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What is the leader of the Catholic church called?

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In the Christian and Catholic faiths, who are the earthly parents of Jesus Christ?
Adam and Eve
Mary and Joseph
Abraham and Sara

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What is the Jewish bible called?
The Atoning
The Torah
The Freemason

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Which religion celebrates Yom Kippur?

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Which of these religions does NOT celebrate Christmas?
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There are five major world religions that people tend to follow or believe. Between these vastly different religions, there are so many different things for people to take notice of. Things like the biblical text, the formatting of the words, the language used, and more! There are also things like holidays, ceremonies, and rituals to be practiced that are different between each different religion. One thing that most of the religions have in common is the belief in God. Some religions believe that God is the one and only divine being we must pray to while others believe we should also pray to Jesus Christ. Others believe we should also pray to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ! And others believe we should not pray to any of them at all because we should be merely focused on finding inner peace and happiness. There are different religious texts that people can read into to better understand the differences, the many differences, between all of these religions. It is important to take note of the fact that each of these religions is followed by a large number of people around the globe! People who believe in one thing that might be more acceptable on another area on the globe should still be free to practice whatever religion they do believe in at the end of the day. Most atheists would fail a test like this but see how much you know about the many different world religions that unite people around the globe!