Quiz: 50 Years Later.... How Much Do You Remember About The Year 1968?

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How much do you remember about 1968?

The year 1968 was filled with so many amazing events! Take this quiz and see how much you remember from this incredible year!

 Oct 14, 2018

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Which of these Barbra Streisand films was released in 1968?
The Way We Were
Funny Girl

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Which of these McDonald's desserts was added to their menu in 1968?
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Apple Pie

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Which of these chairs was created in 1968?
Lawn Chair
Bean Bag Chair
Reclining Chair

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Which of these children's toys was created in 1968?
Barbie Dolls
Hot Wheels

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Which popular comedy sketch show first aired in 1968 on NBC?
Saturday Night Live
Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

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Which of these well-known horror flicks was released in the year 1968?
The Blair Witch Project
Rosemary's Baby
The Shining

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Who was the president in 1968?
William Howard Taft
Lyndon B. Johnson
Harry S. Truman

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Which of these restaurants first opened their doors in 1968?
Mimi's Cafe
Red Lobster
Panda Express

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What is the name of this 1968 fashion look?
Bohemian Chic
Casual Chic
Elegant Chic

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What is the name of the actress who portrayed the role of Barbarella in this 1968 movie?
Liv Ullmann
Elizabeth Taylor
Jane Fonda

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What war was going on in 1968?
World War 2
Vietnam War
Cold War

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In 1968, people would often say: "Catch you on the flip-side!" What does that mean?
Get well soon!
Let's play baseball!
See you tomorrow!

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Which of these talented actresses was born in the year 1968?
Sharon Stone
Michelle Pfeiffer
Molly Ringwald

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Which of these songs by The Beatles was released in 1968?
Twist and Shout
Let It Be
Hey Jude

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What is the name of this 1968 fashion look?
Center Stage
Cubic Scene
Space Age

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In 1968, if someone were to say: "Stop dipping in my Kool-Aid!" what would they mean?
Lose the attitude!
Stay out of my business!
Buy your own Kool-Aid!

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Which popular news and media show first aired in 1968 on CBS?
60 Minutes
The Early Show

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Which of these candy brands was first released in 1968?
Jolly Ranchers
Tootsie Rolls

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Which of these Steppenwolf songs was released in 1968?
Hippo Stomp
Born To Be Wild
Ride With Me

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What was minimum wage in the year 1968?
$3.25 per hour
$1.60 per hour
$2 per hour

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True or false: James Earl Ray was arrested in 1968 for the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

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The Doris Day Show began running in 1968! How many seasons did it last?
Eight seasons
Three seasons
Five seasons

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True or false: The Miss America pageant did not air on television in the year 1968 due to feminist protests.

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How much did a gallon of gasoline cost in 1968?
15 cents
34 cents
89 cents

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What is the name of this 1968 romance movie?
Stolen Kisses
True Love Truths
Sweet Nothing
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Think about the year of 1968 for a moment! Fifty years ago when gas was cheaper and life was simpler, right? There was the same batch of songs, TV shows, food items, fashion trends, and more that people collectively came together to enjoy. There were also some losses and tragedies during the year 1968 but sometimes, it is nicer to focus on the happier things. It would be difficult for anyone to forget about such a year! With the year of 1968 being only two years shy of the 70s, so many things were jam-packed within those twelve months of time! 1968 was actually dubbed the year that transformed our nation so that says a lot about what kind of year it was! People were beginning to speak up for themselves and their opinions more at this time and some people were even going out of their way to protest against injustices in society! The movies and TV shows that were released for the first time in 1968 still have big names today which is pretty impressive. The top song of 1968 is also still very much beloved, adored, and sang along to in 2018-- fifty years later! It just goes to show that major things that go down in history can and will always heavily influence the future! Makeup styles and fashion trends are another big things from the year 1968. It was important to look sharp after all! Slang words and terminology from 1968 is also pretty funny, even though in 2018 we don't use that type of lingo anymore!