Quiz: You'll Only Ace This Test If You're A Cadet

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Can you make it through boot camp?

There is a lot that goes into being a cadet, from drill and marksmanship to physical conditioning cadets need to know a lot!

 May 16, 2017
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Who is considered a cadet?
students in military training
the child of a marine
retired veterans
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What does ACA stand for?
All Cadets America
Average Chief Alliance
American Cadet Alliance
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What is drill?
A tool that a cadet must know how to use
A formal parade where cadets move in formation
A flag that is held at formal events
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What is a squad?
A sub-unit led by a non-commissioned officer
The people who are closest to you in height
A type of rifle that cadets often use
5 of 10True or false?
Your appearance is an important part of being a cadet.
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How many units are in the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps?
7 of 10True or false?
A cadet does not have to be in good physical condition.
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What is a marksman?
Someone who takes good notes
Someone who is skilled in precision shooting
Someone who marks the calendar every day
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What is a brigade?
A tactical military formation composed of 3 to 6 battalions
A type of bridge
A spy mission all cadets must complete
10 of 10True or false?
Only one branch of the U.S. Armed Forces maintains a Junior Reserve Officers' Train Corps.
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