Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Catholicism?


Are you a devout Catholic?

Facts about the Catholic Church including history, foundation, beliefs, practices, and more! Only a real Catholic will be able to pass this test!

 Oct 06, 2017

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Who founded the church?

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Who is the world leader of the Catholic Church?
the people
the pope
the baptist

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What is penance?
initiation into the church
excommunication from the church
spiritual healing from your sins

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What is the Eucharist also called?
holy communion

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Where is the headquarters of the church?
Paris, France
The Vatican City
Florence, Italy

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Who is the Queen of Heaven?

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What is the jurisdiction of the pope called?
the Holy See
religious tolerance
the church authority

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How many sacraments are there?

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What is worship at the church called?
sacred tradition

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Who is allowed to receive communion in the Catholic Church?
baptized members of the church
anyone who is religious

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What is another name for the pope?
Holy Roman Emperor
Bishop of Rome
Ultimate Religious Authority

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What type of law enforces the organization of the church?
government law
church law
canon law

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What are the two sections of the Bible called?
The Old and the New Testament
The Former and the Current Testament
The Past and the Future Testament

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What happens immediately after a person dies?
their spirit is in limbo
they are sent to purgatory
they receive final judgment

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Which of the following is a sacrament?
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