Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know Hippie Slang?

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 Mar 07, 2017
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Question: 1/15Match the slang term to its definition!

It was a gas!
It was lots of fun
It was tiring
It moved quickly

Question: 2/15Match the definition to the hippie slang!

What does "bent" mean?
being busy
physically bending
being angry

Question: 3/15What is the definition of word "cherry" in the following sentence?

"Look at that car. Isn't it cherry?"
That car is nice, good, or terrific
That car is unusual or weird
That car is slow

Question: 4/15Match the slang word to its definition!

"Blast" most closely means...
to praise someone
to skip school
a good time

Question: 5/15Pick the most appropriate slang word for this sentence!

A hippie would say, "that's a ___ jacket you've got!"

Question: 6/15What does the word "kook" mean in this sentence?

What is a "kook"?
an idiot.

Question: 7/15Which slang word fits this definition?

A short surfboard would be called...
a scooter
a boogie board
a skate board

Question: 8/15What does the word "ape" mean in this sentence?

When I came home an hour late my parents "went ape" on me.
Verb; to be extremely happy.
Verb; to ignore completely.
Verb; to explode or go completely irate.

Question: 9/15Match the slang term to the definition!

"Hunk" most directly means...
Noun; an ugly person.
Noun; a good looking guy.
Noun; a mean person.

Question: 10/15Match the slang term to the definition!

Come on over to my "pad"!
My house or apartment
Where I eat dinner
Where I work

Question: 11/15Choose your answer!

If someone is "blitzed" they are...
Driving fast

Question: 12/15Choose your answer!

"Ya dig?"
Did you sleep last night?
Do you understand
Are you a construction worker?

Question: 13/15Choose your answer!

Who are the Fab Four?
Your four limbs
The Beatles
Your parents and your grandparents

Question: 14/15Choose your answer!

If not used as a way to tell temperature, the word "heat" is...
Something cool
The police

Question: 15/15Choose your answer!

Who is your old man?
Your boss
Your boyfriend
Your dad
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