What Are The Sunday Scaries And How Do You Beat Them


Boo! It's Sunday!

What Are The Sunday Scaries (And How To Beat Them!)

You might be asking yourself, what the hell are the "Sunday scaries"? Well, you know that feeling of dread at 5pm on a Sunday. Or maybe you looked at the clock at 3pm and felt helpless that time was going by too fast? According to the website, Sunday Scaries (yes, wow that URL does exist) "The Sunday Scaries are the anxiety that sets in on Sunday nights with the impending return to the office, school, or work".

Okay So... How Do I Avoid It?

There are a few simple steps to avoid the Sunday scaries. Or at least how to learn to live with the end of the week feeling.

1. Get Shit Done

Buy groceries, clean your bathroom, get a hair-cut. Do what you have to do to feel like you've accomplished things that'll make your work week feel better. But seriously, clean your bathroom.

2. Work Out

Feeling anxious? Work out! Go to the gym, take a spin class, namaste on the floor in your room. Get those endorphins flowing and you'll be naturally happy and healthy.

3. Cook

Meal prep is a big deal and it's pretty obvious as to why. Cook a nice meal for yourself, your roommates, or your significant other. If you feel so inclined, prep your meals for the week so all you have to do when you're ravenous at work is open a Tupperware lid! Wow!

4. Allow Yourself To Relax

Watch eight episodes of Law & Order SVU if you wish, it's your weekend! Don't feel guilty if you haven't done much. Sure, you can do a few errands but sitting on your couch eating bon-bon's is perfectly acceptable (okay, fine, once in a while).

5. Make Your Bed

You'll feel better crawling into a nicely made bed on Sunday night than a gross, unkept one. Even better, wash your sheets for a clean week ahead.


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