The Best 5 Wine Pairings That Go Perfectly With These Romance Novels

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Full-bodies everywhere.

We've Found The Best Wine To Drink With Your Romance Novels. Care To Join Us?

Love wine? Same. Love to read romance novels? Same.

Which is why we did the hard work for you, we found the best wine that pairs well with romance novels. All books and wines on this list are full-bodied with a long-lasting flavor and notes of delicious goodness. If you need help with Valentine's Day we found sexy combinations for you and your loved one. If you need a unique gift, why not find these dynamic duos a new home?

Romance novels should always be read with a nice glass of wine, after all life is too short! Enjoy the following wine pairings with romance novels and let us know what you think. Hey, maybe this will inspire you to write your very own romance novel.

So how about that idea? Want to write your own romance novel? Read all about our writing prompt, here and you could be published on!

1. For Something Light & Bright While You Read About Sweet Things

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Buy Something Sweeter from Amazon, here.

Want something fruity that pairs with the sweet story of Allison Lane, an event planner who finds herself falling in love in Sweet, Texas of all places? While sipping this Pinot Noir rosé, you'll smell hints of crisp grapefruit, strawberry, and white floral notes. Hibiscus will fill your nostrils, allowing you to feel like you're watching Allison's love in real life. Perfect for wine drinkers who love Pinot Noir but might crave something lighter when reading romance novels.

Buy La Creme Pinot Noir Rosé, here.

2. For Feeling Royal and Fancy Without the Price Tag

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Buy Someone to Care from Amazon, here.

When Countess Viola Kingsley is stripped of her title, she must rebuild her life and reputation—but it's not easy when she's falling for bad boy, Marcel Lamarr. And you don't need class to drink this Siduri Pinot Noir. Harvested between the late Summer months (Aug. 24th and Sept. 23rd, to be exact) you'll find hints of pomegranate, clay, and black cherry. Like, Viola, just because you're not nobility, doesn't mean you can't enjoy an affordable but fancy wine each evening.

Buy Siduri Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir, here.

3. For Finding Hygge in a Bottle of Wine and a Book

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Buy The Magnolia Inn from Amazon, here.

The Magnolia Inn, the home Jolene Broussard has now inherited is a lot like this Kendall Jackson Chardonnay. Warm with an aroma of vanilla and honey, you can almost smell the toasted oak and butter rounds from here. And like The Magnolia Inn it'll resonate with you thanks to that delicious lingering finish. So open a cold bottle and snuggle up in your favorite chair, Jolene is about to fall in love with rugged carpenter Tucker Malone and you're about to have a favorite new wine.

Buy Kendall Jackson Vintner Reserve Chardonnay, here.

4. For Having a Sexy Moment With a Friend... or Alone

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Buy For My Favorite Half-Night Stand from Amazon, here.

Picture this: You just opened a new bottle of Freemark Abbey's Cabernet Sauvignon. The pop from the cork makes your heart flutter like Millie's when she's around her best friend, Reid. And maybe like Millie, you'll sip some red wine like the one we've paired with My Favorite Half-Night Stand. With nuances of dark chocolate, cinnamon, and a hint of tobacco, maybe you'll follow in Mille's footsteps and sign up for an online dating service. If you don't drink responsibly, you'll end up having a half-night stand with your BFF.

Buy Freemark Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon, here.

5. For an Evening of Daydreaming or an Afternoon of Day Drinking

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Buy The Summer House from Amazon, here.

Even if there's snow on the ground, you'll be envisioning a beachside summer oasis thanks to this pairing. Callie finally did it, she and her best friend, Olivia, put their life savings into a beach house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And she's enjoying her hard work now that her sexy neighbor Luke Sullivan has caught her attention. Will their secrets keep them apart, or should they drink some Kendall Jackson rosé and forget about the past? You can do the same or keep this on ice till the snow thaws and you're ready for beach season. Whatever you pick, you'll have a crisp Pinot Noir grape waiting for you.

Buy Kendall Jackson Rosé Wine, here.

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