20 'Succession' Quotes from HBO's Hit Family Drama That Are Savage

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Family traditions.

Your Family Will Look Normal After Reading 20 Quotes from HBO's 'Succession'

HBO's latest family drama is stirring up the ratings and with good reason. Succession is a fantastic show that weaves the drama of family business in a way that's never been done before. Allegedly inspired by the Murdoch family, you should start watching if you haven't already.

Because the show is insanely smart and witty, we found some of the best Succession quotes from season one and two. After reading such savage quotes, you might even think your family is nice and normal!

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'Succession' Quotes

  • "Do you want me to call your dad?" - Kendall Roy

  • "If I eat any more songbirds I'm going to hurl." - Greg Hirsch

  • "Have you ever had a fuckin' grapefruit without an agenda." - Shiv Roy

  • "I like hurting human beings as much as the next guy, but this is really fucking good." - Roman Roy

  • "Sad Sack WASP Trap." - The Roy family

  • "Do I go Hulk, or Bruce Banner?" - Kendall Roy

  • "Drool, antisemitism.... a string of silk handkerchiefs tied together." - Kendall Roy

  • "Why shouldn't we do all the news?" - Logan Roy

  • "The socio-economic health of multiple continents is dependent on his well-being!" - Kendall Roy

HBO 'Succession' Quotes

  • "If I eat any more songbirds I'm going to hurl." - Greg Hirsch

  • "No. No discussion. I am his next of kin. I am his proxy. I am in charge. Thank you." - Marcia Roy

  • "I am not declining, I'm just not, I'm not clining." - Shiv Roy

  • "Tasty morsels from groovy hubs." - Kendall Roy

  • "I'm the asshole who can be your Warhol." - Kendall Roy

  • "What have you had your entire life that I didn't give you?" - Logan Roy

  • "I am interested in becoming a meth head." - Kendall Roy

  • "Not to be crude about it, but politics is what comes out the asshole. Wouldn't you rather be up front, feeding the horse?" - Logan Roy

  • "Look, you can't put a value on a human life, except in our case, you rather precisely can because when trading opens tomorrow, we're gonna drop like a stone." - Kendall Roy

  • "No, I think it's really cool. Like, what's it like, like, to bang our sister?" - Roman

  • "Sometimes it is a big dick competition." - Kendall Roy

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