Sorry Ladies, Your Chance With Prince Harry Just Ended

prince harry engagement

No more Prince Charming...

Prince Harry Is Taken

An icy breeze blew through the world Monday morning. After a week with family, consuming copious amounts of calories, it was time to get back to work. And if you were hoping Prince Harry was waiting for you, your dreams may have been shattered.

Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle have announced their engagement. After a year of dating, the two made their first public appearance as fianc├ęs.

Kensington Palace made the official announcement:

Prince Harry designed the ring himself, using two stones from his late mother, Princess Diana.

Harry gushed about his romance with Markle, "When did I know she was the one? Very first time we met," the prince said.

Springtime Wedding

Markle has made plans to move to England immediately, and has quit her job on the TV show "Suits". The couple have plans to marry in the Spring of 2018.

Harry's brother, William, and wife Kate also reached out with kind words.

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