SNL Introduces The Character We All Need Right Now: Claire From HR

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SNL introduces their newest character, Claire from HR.

Cecily Strong joins Colin Jost during Weekend Update to introduce us to Saturday Night Live's newest character, Claire from HR.

Claire from HR is here to help...

Cecily Strong slides her chair next to Weekend Update co-host, Colin Jost. She is overwhelmed and frantic.

“It’s been a crazy week,” Claire from HR speaks to the camera. “I haven’t been home in three days.” We meet the Human Resources director who has been frantically trying to keep up with the plethora of public sexual assault cases in the past few months. Frazzled and busy, Claire from HR begins to explain to Jost the do’s and don'ts of interacting with the opposite sex in the workplace. With all the sexual assault accusations, it’s best if she spells it out for viewers.

“I’m just here to do a little quiz. First question is about office romance, not a big deal, we know it all happens. So what is the appropriate way to handle a workplace relationship? A) inform someone at HR? B) lock her in a room and make her look at it? Or C) bully her out of the entire industry?”

Jost answers correctly, you, of course, inform someone at HR! Claire then exclaims, “You would be surprised how many people get that wrong! It could almost make you lose your mind”. A notion women everywhere probably agree with.

Weekend Update is on the pulse of current events, ready to poke fun at or annihilate public figures, news stories, and entertainment gossip. They seldom hold back their criticism. SNL recently received scrutiny when they didn’t go after Harvey Weinstein the Saturday after the allegations against him broke. When asked why, creator Lorne Michaels responded, “It’s a New York thing.”

Claire from HR is looking at you Louis CK

But this weekend was different. Longtime friend and guest-star of the show, Louis C.K., did get what was coming to him. Claire from HR re-established the notion that men shouldn’t expose themselves to women cornered in a room. A simple, straight forward, “no duh” idea, right? Well, it seems like a necessary and timely skit. Louis C.K.’s star fell rapidly last week when female comedians retold similar stories of the Emmy Award winner masturbating in front of them on numerous occasions. Last Friday, Louis C.K. confirmed these stories -- making him the first high-profile man to admit guilt during these Hollywood assault claims.

With SNL, No One Is Safe

The skit continues with questions about what women wear to work: “You run into your co-worker at the office. Is she A) giving you a seductive look that says hey come get this? B) she said no in the past but that little skirt is saying yes, yes, me horny? or C) she is living her life and it has nothing to do with you?”

The skit closes with a third and final question directed at Alabama Senator Roy Moore, who was under fire this week after being accused of having sex with a minor years ago. Jost answers “never” when Claire from HR asks when it’s appropriate to have sex with a 14 year-old girl.

Claire from HR rolls away from the Weekend Update desk after promising we will see her again, “I will probably be back next week and the week after that forever and ever because this isn’t just a scandal. It didn’t just start this week. It’s just actual reality for half of the population.” The female viewers must’ve released a collective “no shit” all over the country. Regardless of the varying opinions of SNL, introducing Claire from HR is a great addition to Cecily Strong’s repertoire of characters.