26 Things You'll Only Relate To If You're A True LA Native


26 Signs You Grew Up In Los Angeles

Born and raised in Los Angeles, eh? Consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Being from a vibrant, diverse, and complex city is an experience not many people get to live.

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1. You Know How To Correctly Pronounce "Sepulveda," "La Cienega," And Many Other Streets

SNL hit the nail on the head when they developed "The Californians".

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2. Your East Coast Friends Thought It Was Weird That Your Lockers Were Outside

Lockers outside?! And malls, too!

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3. You Spent Your Summers At The Beach For Junior Lifeguards

You lived and breathed "JG's" and loved every second of it.

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4. May Grey & June Gloom Are Your Nor'easter

Summer might officially start in June, but we Angeleno's don't see it till July.

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5. Parallel Parking Becomes Increasingly More Terrifying When People Are Watching You Do It

Finding a parking spot is a lot like the Hunger Games. So what does that make parallel parking? Mockingjay part three?

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6. You Took Spanish Throughout Your Entire Schooling Yet You Aren't Fluent

Por que?

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7. You Weren't Too Cool When You Went To Disneyland For Senior Ditch Day

Even 17 year-olds get excited for a trip to Anaheim.

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8. You Learned Your First Swear Word On The 405, Thanks To Mom

And looking back on it, you don't blame her. The 405 is hell on earth.

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9. Eating A Dodger Dog Meant Summer Was Coming

And you could smell it before you even saw it, thanks to the street vendors on every corner.

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10. Even If No One In Your Family Went To Either School, You Rooted For USC Or UCLA

You're either a Trojan or a Bruin fan, there is no in between.

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11. You Still Remember What Mission You Were Assigned

Fourth graders in Los Angeles county learned all about the Californian missions. San Luis Obispo hollllaaaa!

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Via Nelvana

12. You Actually Enjoyed The Field Trip To The La Brea Tarpits

Who knew tar could be so much fun!?!

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13. You've Had Heated Discussions On Which Team Is Better, The Lakers Or The Clippers

We all know that one Clippers fan...

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14. Indoor Recess Meant One Thing: Rain

Then you grew up and learned that everyone in the city somehow forgets to how to drive when it rains.

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16. In August And September (Maybe Even October) You Befriended The Kid With Air Conditioning

If you lived in an older house, or an apartment, you knew that meant no AC. How is that legal nowadays?

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17. It Was A Good Day When The In-N-Out Truck Came To School

Notable mentions: fairs, birthday parties, graduation parties, and weddings. Bless you In-N-Out.

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18. If You Lived In Cheviot Hills And Your Friend Lived In Manhattan Beach, You Knew The Friendship Wasn't Going To Last

That's what we call, a long-distance relationship.

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19. Your Local Fire Fighters Were Your Heroes (Still Are!)

Not only are they the nicest people ever, but they are the bravest.

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20. Whenever You Leave Town And Tell People You're From LA, They Assume You Know A Celebrity

Define "know". Because I "know" a lot of them in my head.

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21. But You Did Go To School With Jonah Hill's Sister

I once went on a date with Jack Black's sister-in-law's cousin. Does that count?

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22. You Don't Flinch When There's An Earthquake

And you know never to hang pictures or mirrors over your bed.

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23. You Were Always Excited When Someone's Grandma Let You Use Their House In Palm Springs

A quick two hour drive lands you smack dab in the desert surrounded by pools, golf courses, and hiking trails.

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24. You Rolled Your Eyes When Someone From Newport Beach Claimed They Were From Los Angeles

I'm looking at you too, Thousand Oaks and Huntington Beach...

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25. Every Boy In Your Grade Wore Vans, High Socks, And A Mammoth Sweatshirt

And every girl wore jean shorts with Uggs, which feels counterintuitive.

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26. Others Love To Hate It, But Los Angeles Is Your Home And You Wouldn't Trade It In For Another City

It might not be perfect but it is a great place to live.

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