30 Shania Twain Lyrics That Make Perfect Instagram Captions

shania twain, country music
'Man I Feel Like A Woman' via Mercury Nashville

Man! You'll feel like a woman.

Shania Twain Lyrics That Are Just, SO Good For Instagram Captions

Unless you live under a rock, I assume you've heard of a one, Ms. Shania Twain. She's been giving us sweet country music since the early 90's. You've probably tried to sing one of her songs during a karaoke night. She's a huge part of country music, and you could easily use one of her lyrics for your next Instagram caption. From fun nights out to getting back at an ex, she's got you covered.

β€’ "Whose bed have your boots been under?"

β€’ "So next time you're lonely, don't call on me, try the operator - maybe she'll be free"

β€’ "I ain't gonna act politically correct, I only wanna have a good time"

β€’ "Man! I feel like a woman!"

β€’ "I get totally crazy, can you feel it?"

β€’ "You think you're a genius, you drive me up the wall, you're a regular original, a know-it-all"

β€’ "That don't impress me much"

β€’ "Now don't get me wrong, yeah, I think you're alright but that won't keep me warm in the middle of the night"

β€’ "I'm gonna getcha while I gotcha in sight"

β€’ "So, don't try to run honey, love can be fun"

β€’ "I'm having a party, a party for two - invitin' nobody.... nobody but you"

β€’ "Any man of mine better walk the line"

β€’ "Better show me a teasin' squeezin' pleasin' kinda time"

β€’ "He's gotta be a heartbeatin' fine treatin', breathtakin' earthquakin' kind"

β€’ "You're still the one I run to, the one that I belong to"

β€’ "You're still the one I kiss good night"

β€’ "We beat the odds together"

β€’ "Pour me a cold one and oh, by the way rub my feet, gimme something to eat"

β€’ "This job ain't worth the pay, can't wait 'til the end of the day"

β€’ "Honey, I'm home and I had a hard day"

β€’ "If you start from the heart, you'll see love is gonna play it's part"

β€’ "Come on over-come on in, pull up a seat-take a load off your feet"

β€’ "From this moment as long as I live, I will love you, I promise you this"

β€’ "Be a winner-be a star, be happy to be who you are"

β€’ "It doesn't matter what you wear, cause it's only gonna be you and me there"

β€’ "I'm havin' a party (a little bitty party baby)"

β€’ "When everything is goin' wrong, don't worry, it won't last for long"

β€’ "Don't go let it get you down, you gotta keep on holding on"

β€’ "I wanna know you that good, like no one knows you"

β€’ "Wanna know you all over, till I know you by hear"