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Rebel, rebel.

20 Rebel Wilson Quotes That Act As Amazing Words of Affirmation

If you laughed when you watched Pitch Perfect or Bridesmaids it was probably thanks to Rebel Wilson. The Australian actress burst onto our screens and stole our hearts. She's an actress that instantly makes a movie better thanks to her comedic timing. But off screen she's also an inspirational force to be reckoned with. That's why these Rebel Wilson quotes will serve as a reminder to treat yourself kindly, with love, and a lot of humor.

Rebel Wilson Quotes

  • "I thought of a new name for this hairstyle, it's called 'Orthodox Jew Ponytail,' because it's very reserved at the front and a party in the back."

  • "I have no imagination. All God blessed me with was this flawless complexion and really good tennis table skills. I'm like Asian good."

  • "I can sing, but I'm also good at modern dance, olden dance and mermaid dancing."

  • "My family keeps me pretty grounded. Like if I try anything diva they're like 'Oh shut up. Go and do the dishwasher."

  • "You guys are gonna get pitch-slapped so hard your manboobs are gonna concave."

  • "I come from a family of professional dog-showers. That's not a joke, unfortunately. The word bitch is used all the time. Like ‘Bring that bitch over here.' ‘That bitch looks fat. Stop feeding her.' And actually, I got in a lot of trouble on my very first day of kindergarten, because I looked at the teacher, and said, "That bitch looks pregnant."

  • "You can choose real life or you can choose the gangster life."

The Best Rebel Wilson Quotes

  • "Even though some of you are pretty thin, I think that you all have fat hearts and that's what matters."

  • "I think that women out there should just be happy with how they look, and they shouldn't really try to conform to any stereotype. Just be happy and, hopefully, healthy."

  • "Work hard to achieve integrity in your work and your relationships with the people you work with."

  • "At school, nobody thought I was smart and I became smart. Nobody wanted to be my friend and then I had lots of friends."

  • "Even when I'm playing someone named 'Fat Amy.' I'm all about confidence and attitude."

  • "I like to have the stamina to work 16 hours a day. I may eat a lot, but I am very healthy."

  • "All comedians have to use their physicality, so I use my size."

  • "I never thought I'd be the type of girl who'd be doing, like, fashion shoots."

Rebel Wilson Quotes To Recite Everyday

  • "Work hard to achieve integrity in your work and your relationships with people you work with."

  • "Not looking like anyone else has made things easier for me, because I'm distinctive."

  • "I think one of the good messages in Pitch Perfect is that you're beautiful."

  • "I'm all about what's on the inside, not what's on the outside."

  • "I want to inspire girls who don't think they're cool or pretty."

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