5 Legitimate Reasons You Should Read Romance Novels

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Bye, haters!

5 Reasons You Should Be Reading Romance Novels With No Regrets

Romance novels cover vast subjects and genres. From classic stories to erotic fiction, there's something for everyone.

So grab a nice glass of wine and start reading. Whether you enjoy the sexy storylines, lovable characters, or fun writing you don't have to hide your love for the literary masterpieces.

Not that you needed some but here are great reasons to read romance novels.

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1. When You Need an Escape

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Similarly to reality television, romance novels are a superb form of escapism. We work hours upon hours each week, sit in traffic to and from said job, care for our family members, friends, roommates, and ourselves. We deal with aches and pains both emotionally and physically and the ups and downs of everyday life. We deserve a moment of escapism. If that means picking up a romance novel where the main characters are attractive millionaires looking for love in all the wrong places, then so be it. It brings you joy or a moment of relaxation then who can judge?

2. When You Need Some Fantasy In Your Life

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Generally speaking, women are wired differently than men when it comes to fantasy. For some women (read: not all) reading romance novels is just as exciting as watching porn. Emotionally based with sensual experiences, romance novels can be used as a tool for getting off. While it's not as visual as say, a video, the reader gets to fantasize about characters on their own terms.

3. When You Finally Pick Up a Book

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If you're not a big reader but romance novels get you to open a book, then congratulations, you're still reading. Yes, it might not be Foucault but it's something. The more you read the more your vocabulary improves and you may write better. Reading is reading and you've turned off your electronics and picked up a book (or eBook) and that is still a good thing.

4. When You Yearn For Some Inspiration

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Are you a writer? Do you hope to write your own novel one day? Well, reading romance might serve as an inspiration to you. You can learn from some of the best authors when diving into a good book. If you have aspirations to write, edit, or be creative in the literary world, romance novels can serve as a nice example.

5. When You Need A Good Belly-Laugh

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At the end of a long work week or a horrible day at work you need a good laugh. And romance novels can do that for you. From funny romance novels to accidental humor, whatever you use them for they can cause laughter.

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