8 Places You Should Not Travel To This Summer


8 Places You Should Not Travel To This Summer

You've likely heard of all the places you NEED to visit, but what about ones to avoid? Be it, safety, crowds, or weather, you should check out our list to see what places to skip this summer!

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1. Ibiza

Unless you're a party animal, you should avoid the Spanish isle. Crowds, parties, and illegal activity plague the peaceful seaside, which isn't much fun if you've taken time off work to relax.

Better alternative: Sardegna, Italy

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2. South Africa

Unless you wanted to wear your winter coat a little longer, avoid the Southern hemisphere. And don't avoid it entirely, just know that seasons are reversed so you'd be vacationing in the winter. Same with Australia. Just look at a map.

Better alternative: Chiang Mai, Thailand

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3. Scottish Highlands

Yep, avoid the Scottish Highlands in July & August as it's midge season so unless you want to be bitten by tiny insects at dusk and dawn, save the vacation for cooler months.

Better alternative: Stockholm, Sweden

*Scottish Highlands Photo by Click and Learn Photography

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4. Venice, Italy

We all want to avoid tourist traps, even if we are the tourist. And Venice, Italy is one giant tourist trap. It's hot, smelly, crowded, and sinking. It's better to see the city with less people around and cooler temperatures.

Better alternative: Annecy, France

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5. Machu Picchu, Peru

The iconic site is over-populated that the country needed to step in and implement tour times. Visiting Machu Picchu is better for the rainy months, November to April. The rain scares everyone away except for you, of course.

Better alternative: Kuelap, Peru

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6. Iran

For obvious reasons, it's best not to visit the middle eastern country.

Better alternative: Istanbul, Turkey

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7. India

Unless you like extreme heat and crowds, avoiding India during peak summer months is recommended.

Better alternative: Bali, Indonesia

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8. Palm Springs, California

With temperatures as high as 118 degrees, it's hard to do anything in the desert city. Crowds won't be an issue as most residents flee the heat.

Better alternative: Las Vegas, Nevada